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Eucerin skin renewal

I have been reading this forum and the clear skin regimen site and it seems that this moisturizer is a favorite of many. I was wondering a couple things though. As a sunscreen it is lacking any of the 3 FDA approved ingredients in the US that fully block all uv rays ( titanium, zinc, or avobenzone). So while it blocks some it falls short as a great sunscreen. Second is its ability as an exfoliant. This contains lactic acid. For aha's (lactic acid) to be effective it needs to be above 4% and in a ph range of 3-4. If you look at the ingredients, lactic acid is the third from the bottom. At that low on the list it doesn't seem like it would reach 4% and there is nothing about its ph range. Read somewhere that "sunscreen is not stable at the pH required to make the alpha hydroxy acid effective".Seems like it might fall short as being an exfoliant. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It might just work as a good moisturizer. I think it gets a little greasy but that is due to the sunscreen ingredients. If I use most moisturizers without sunscreen there is no greese. So far seeing positive results with the regimen.

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Just to let everyone know Eucerin skin renewal has a ph of 7, tested 2 seperate bottles. So it really does not exfoliate the skin. It is a good moisturizer and helps to prevent flakes but scientifically it does not remove the dead top layer of skin like some people have mentioned.

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