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Hey, Single people what are you doing tomorrow???

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I'm going to drown myself in alcohal and try very hard to not commit suicide :D

Sounds like a good plan. However, I have to do a shit-load of homework even though there are no classes tomorrow. :confused:

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My hubby is gone for the week, so I will probably drown my sorrows in Dr. Pepper and maybe some sugar cookies with red icing. Or maybe go shopping and buy myself something nice!

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Wallow in self pity......... unless I get a valentine. In that case I will dance. Also try to ruin other people's valentines day with mean spirited jokes (I know I'm such a grinch)

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Guest Tenshi

its valentines day here today..for me i dont even care, im not sad or anything..just another day unless i was involved but i just walked my dog down to the 7/11 and some random stranger came up to me and gave me a rose...wow..that was definelty a sweet moment for me...shit like that never happens..but today it did.. :D:angel:

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Guest PokaHotAz
My friends and I decided to have a F*** Valentine's Day Party...I think we're going to watch Saw II...and drink of course LOL

sounds great! i cant wait to see saw II myself

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I started the v-day celebration early 2nite, me 'n my buddy drained a fifth of bacardi GOLD, and tomorow me 'n him plan on killing a bottle of absolut vodka, nothing goes along better with valentines day than killing your liver.

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