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I bought some vitamin A & D, vitamin C, and fish oil pills at a drug store yesterday. I've read that vitamin A supplements can lessen oilyness in the skin. I would just like to confirm that yes, vitamin A supplements decrease the skin's oilyness. I'm basing that off of the fact that, since taking a pill of each yesterday and a pill of each earlier today, my skin is not oily at all. Which is weird because I usually have to wash my face once or twice a day aside from my morning and night routine because it's usually caked with oil when I come home from school. I haven't had to wash my face at all today, except for when I woke up this morning. Do the vitamins D and C affect anything skin-related? What about the fish oil pills? I used to take fish oil pills back when I was in 8th grade, but I stopped taking them when I ran out of them. :doh:

Also, has anyone else experienced oil control through regular vitamin A (not Accutane) like this? It's pretty amazing. Why isn't it publicized or advocated more? Should I mention it to my derm at my appointment with him tomorrow to see what he thinks? Thanks.

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it's different from accutane I do know that much........even though Accutane is pretty much Vitamin A, I tried actually vitamin A pills do and really didn't do anything for my oily skin.

Accutane is the only thing that has stopped it temporarily

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