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scalp cysts

I used to have cystic acne all over my face. I went to my derm and he perscribed tetracycline, after a few months it all went away. After I stopped taking it, some pimples came back, but nothing to fret over. Recently I've been getting pimples on the back of my head, but I'm more concerned about the cysts. When they form within hair, the hair that the cysts occupy falls out and there is a flesh-colored bald spot there. I've had these before, and after a very long time the cysts go away and the hair comes back, but this time the cysts are staying around for a lot longer. They can become large, and somewhat painful. It is difficult not to irritate them, since I sleep on my back and the back of my head hits the pillow, so naturally there is pressure put on the cysts. It gets really annoying when people tell me I have a bald spot on the back of my head, or that my barber messed up my haircut. My derm perscribed monocycline, but it doesn't seem like its doing anything, since a new bald spot has appeared since i started the treatment. Has anybody had this problem, or have any ideas?

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I say this about ALL cysts no matter where they are - GO TO THE DERM AND GET A CORTISONE SHOT!!!!!!!! This is the ONLY thing that gets rid of them; if I leave them alone or try to treat them myself, even with oral and topical prescriptions, they ALWAYS hang around awhile and ALWAYS leave a mark and/or dent. When I get a shot they ALWAYS disappear and NEVER leave a mark/dent. I would imagine this would hurt like hell on your scalp, but the pain is brief and doesn't make you bald! It's not worth suffering needlessly when the remedy is SO simple, inexpensive and effective!

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