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I was an acne sufferer all through high school. My mum had it, and still does to an extent. And I believe it to be hereditary, as my sister also suffers common breakouts. In 2003 I was put on Accutane, which cleared my skin up in about 12 months. After I got off Accutane, my skin was fine for about 6 months until I started getting breakouts again, not bad, but not what I want.

So after 2 years of either putting up with it, or using products that don't work, I started looking into other skin care products.

I had initially planned to buy Proactiv, as that ad with all the celebrities totally got me. But I read that there was one that was better than it called Exposed Skin care. I ordered it. I initially noticed it actually worsened my skin condition, much the same as Accutane did. I don't know if this is supposed to happen, or I just had a breakout coincidentally.

Anyway, I'm in week 2 of using Exposed, and I am yet to notice any changes. Infact, a nice red pimple is forming on my lower lip, which I noticed only hours ago.

I just want this to stop. I'm so sick of acne, it really takes away all your self esteem. I can't talk to people cause I worry they're looking at my skin. It's depressing. Anyway. After the first course is over (2 months) I will post my results.

By the way, the package I bought cost $49.95AUD.

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