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sehnsucht 67

tanning on tane -

not a 'is it good for you' thread but a 'what happens' thread:

soo i went tanning while on accutane. nothing eventful happened. i went in for eight minutes instead of my usual twenty, but i havent tanned in like two months either. i covered my face with a towel after about three. result: beautful golden tan to bolster my self confidence and self image. got me out of a little funk. my skin was a bit drier afterwards than normal but globs of palmers solved that!

disclamer: don't come at me with 'omg you are the stupidest person ever.' i'm not but i jsut wanted to try it.

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I don't think it's a matter of anything bad happening to your skin RIGHT afterward (although I can't imagine you not being very uncomfortably dry and burned), but more down the line. Your skin is so sensitive right now, it just really wasn't very smart to have gone tanning. Aren't you taking accutane to bolster your self confidence and self image? You really couldn't have waited? What if your skin doesn't heal well now and you're stuck with those red marks for much longer than you would have been before? What about years from now? I'm beyond pale right now, and you can bet come summer I'll be out in the sun but in the mean time I want my skin to repair from what accutane has done to it. I don't want to throw tanning in to the mix and slow down the process. There's a reason your doctor gives you regulations while you're on accutane. It's for your best interest. But I'm sure you know more about how accutane effects your body than your doctor does, so good luck to you.

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