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Accutane better earlier or later?

Well, I'm 20 yrs. old and have what I guess is moderate acne but the shit is severe to me. Basically I got a bunch of leftover brown marks, red marks and I can see a tiny bit of scarring. DAMN it I do not want to end up lookin like Greg Papovich. (San Antonio Spurs head coach) I've been washing my face with either Noxzema daily exfoliating cleasner of Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. Taking zinc, antioxidants, B6 vitamins(got the wrong one thought it was B5) and my leftover Murad supplements. I also got an at home lightbox and have been using that for a little less than a week. So far I've got one new zit in the last week, and have 4 or 5 active and fading. I got a couple cysts? hard no head and want to go to derm to get 'em shot been there for months WTF. I'm gonna try and add jessfoliation and those vitamin A drops like Queenofthehills. And rosehip oil but I hear that's not a good idea while having any actives.

Anyway should I go on accutane? Has anyone waited on accutane and wished that they had taken it earlier? I just don't know if it would be better to wait or not. I don't want this getting any worse. Should I try huge doses of B5 like some people are doing? So I guess should I just try what I'm doing now,(with any suggestions as to what to add), or hit the 'tane?

Kinda long sorry. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm trying to get on it before it gets any worse...

weigh the options, but i see no reason not to try for it.

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I will ask my derm about it but I dont think my acne is severe its like mild but its juts the fact that its there like the redness...should I go on it

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A little history:

In 8/2004 I finally went to my dermatologist to treat my acne which was getting severe.

She right away prescribed me Accutane 80mg daily. After about 1-2 weeks of use, I was super worried about those side effects. I think I remember my initial breakout I had, but back then I didn't know it was an initial breakout so I thought it was natural. I called my derm and told her my side effects which was back pain, and that I had chest pain(due to anxiety of the side effects, its psychological) she said stop the medication.

Then I tried Proactiv Solution from 9/2004 - 1/2006. From what I remember Proactiv stopped working around summer time 7/2005 (after 10 months of use). One thing about Proactiv is that it works!

It cleared my 99% of my skin. One acne here and there. Its a good product till it stopped.

Cons of proactiv it bleached my clothes!!

Then went back to moderate cystic acne.

Tried Minocycline worked great!! But when meds stop I blew up like theres no tommorow so becareful about minocycline.

Went on Septra DS. I broke out like crazy on those meds then finally my derm put me on Amnesteem.

1/30/2006 began Amnesteem 40mg a day. I wish I stuck to accutane the first time it was prescribed to me. Oh well atleast I am taking it now but I wish I started earlier.

Right now on Amnesteem same as Accutane, I think my initial breakout is finally over. My skin is drying out and my face is beginning to clear up!!! Im not as oily as in the stages of the initial breakout. Pimples are drying out like crazy. Lips are dry. Mild back pain and mild joint pain.


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Hmmm.. Thanks. I agree, defiantely don't want to wait till too late, but damn, kinda scared of it. lol. It makes it worse in some people but I guess I am mainly just hearing the negatives of it on this site. Most people who it actually worked for aren't here I guess.

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