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Long story short, i always wonder how something works, how I can prevent something, ect. Basically cause i believe I can naturally change the way I look. Anyone out there, do you think you can answer these questions?

1. Is there a way to remove hair and it will come back thinner and scarcer? (I heard that tweezing/waxing does, but since I started hair grew around the area I tweezed. For example, I tweezed my eyebrows alot and now I have hair on my forehead , so it grows somewhere else. Am I just getting hair in new places since im going through puberty? Im 14 years old). If you think lazer works, tell me why because it sounds risky imo.

2. Does anyone know exactly how Mederma (Scar treatment) works? Does it have a bad effect? (Like irritating your skin, discoloring it, ect., because in my experience it made the skin I applied it too a little bit... well wierd looking.)

3. How are beauty marks and moles formed?

4. Is there a way to get rid of beauty marks and moles (I heard if you go in really cold weather your mole can just fall off xD One time I pulled, yes PULLEd my mole off and another just grew in the exact same place lol)

5. Im really fucking short. Can I by some inserts for my shoes (Not too tall, maybe half an inch or less) that will make me a little taller and is okay for intense sports?

6. Do redmarks left after acne ever completly go away naturally? If not, what will make it go away and doesnt have high-risk?

7. Is there a way to naturally improve eyesight.

I have other questions but they just make so little sense I didnt put them up ^^ I know this is wierd but please I really want to know!!

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4. Remove beauty marks with procedures. Either with laser or go to a beautician and they'll burn it off. I had mine off. All 12 of them off my face. After the procedure I had to be careful not to let water into them and washed my face very carefully with a wet cloth. I went to the beautician in the summer. Prices for removing them with beautician is around $10 for each; still depends on the beautician. For laser, I'm unsure.

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Well, aren't you just full of questions. I'll answer what I can. . .

1) Laser treatment is expensive and it takes many sessions before the hair is completely gone. I don't think it's a risky procedure, just expensive and not the most pleasant.

3) They can sometimes form due to skin exposure, as well as other things. I have quite a few and so does my mom and sister so I also believe there is some heritability.

4) There are ways to remove raised moles, but they are generally not removed for cosmetic purposes. If the doctor or derm. thinks that it may be cancerous or you find it really bothersome then they may remove it. A common way of doing this is giving a shot to numb the area and taking a small razor and cutting it off. It can result in a scar (often).

5) You could buy some inserts that go into your shoes, but I don't believe they should be worn for intense sport activity unless they have an arch and are stable. My personal opinion is you're young and boys keep growing until they are 18 or so. Plus, boys on the shorter side can be adorable so I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Give yourself time to grow and relax. Having sole inserts to increase your height is kind of like girls stuffing their bras (way too fake).

6) Red marks tend to fade over time on their own, but some can be quite stubborn and take more than a few months. Some will stick around for a year or more. Wearing sunscreen is super important (no matter if you're just walking outside for a minute) and there are products out there to reduce red marks.

7) There aren't any ways to really improve eyesight. Carrots have vit. A which is good for vision, but if you need glasses it won't make it so you don't have to wear them. There are hard contacts which are called gas permeable which prevent your eyes from getting worse and sometimes improve your eyesight a bit.

As for question #2 I have no idea. Google the product and read the information that comes up. I have heard that mederma doesn't work too well though.

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