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oh my fucking god. i don't know if any of you guys have heard of, or listen to them, but man, they rocked the House!!! completely off the hook. so many mind-blowing buildups - it was by far the best show i've seen them play... but maybe that was because i was super high this time. :D if you've never heard of these guys, check them out!! better yet, go see them! you WILL NOT be disappointed!! :D anyway, i took this girl that i recently started hanging out with. she was a Sound Tribe virgin, so i was super excited to share the vibe with her. we went to the same high school, but we never really hung out. she smokes and drinks, but not to excess, which is a quality i like in her. i don't particularly like people who get trashed all the time, because i myself, am a conservative smoker/drinker. she's got a cute face with these piercing green eyes and defined eyebrows which i just love - not to mention, super clear skin. her mind is quick, and she usually always has something to say... which is good and bad. my years of torment with acne has shaped me into this really shy, quiet guy (unless i drink ;)). sometimes i find myself thinking too much, like what to say and stuff. i wish i could just do, you know? we met up with a couple of her friends from her old college, who were cool, and we danced hard! i met some very interesting people there, but i didn't really 'connect' with any. if i did, it was brief. do you guys ever get that feeling of lonliness even when you're surrounded by a million people? i kinda felt like i was in my own world. but like i said, i was super stoned, and i'm a die-hard fan of this band, so i'm all for the music - not really the socializing i guess. the place was PACKED, so it was like going into the jungle everytime me and her had to go get water (the 'life source' as one fan stated), or to get a better view. she'd hold onto my hoodie, and i'd lead the way. it was crazy. after the show, we went to one of the venue's hotel rooms, because one of her friends rented a room for an after-party. it was kinda awkward though because we didn't really know any of the people there (hate feeling like 'intruders'), so instead, we all used their bathroom ('cause we all were holding it for like 6 hours), and then left. when we got to the parking lot, the other couple we were with found their car parked totally crooked, taking up two spots. she took mushrooms on the way to the show, and her parking job clearly showed it! :lol: it was SO hilarious because it just represented the whole night - everybody was fucked up. anyway, last night was a blast and i'm hoping to turn this friendship into a relationship. fuck yeah sound tribe!

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lol O_O. I didn't even know it was a different account.

You, shy? Right... that's why your account was suspended. Hmmm. LOL

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