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keith 0773H

scar or acne....

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hi everyone, any of u feel that most of the clear skin ppl dun pay much attention if a guys hv bad skin but they will talk if its a girl.i hate it when they mention about skin(i hv bad skin) cus recntly during a chit chat wif my friend about new student in the school,my friend say"oh that girl the one with pimples on her face" i change the topic immediately cus i hv bad skin too,can"t blame him cus clear skin ppl dun koe anything about acne. one thing is i learn not to talk bad about ppl appearance.

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I was just thinking about that the other day. I know guys who have acne and some of them are really goodlooking but I find I don't notice their skin at all, I don't think twice about it, but if I see a girl I notice it much more. I think its because it seems to be more socially acceptable for guys to be seen with acne but because girls have the option of make up it can be hidden and alot of them who would have minor acne problems cover it so you can't see it because of the make up so that if a girl has really bad skin it stands out way more than in guys if you know what I mean! What do you think?

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Well, honestly, I believe the majority of people do notice and scrutinize your Acne whether you are male or female . I dont believe that bullshat when people say " Oh, I didnt notice all of the pimples and hyper-pigmentation on your face " when they are looking you straight in the face in broad daylight!

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