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Help - Need microdermabrasion advice

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Could you please let me know what your experiences have been with microdermabrasion? I just had my first session yesterday, and it didn't seem to do much at all. I don't want to keep going in for sessions if it doesn't help.

I have slight pitting and orange-peely skin on my cheeks.

Seems like I stress every day about my stupid skin.

Thanks very much - any comments are appreciated!

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I've had four microdermabrasion. It helps a little with discoloration, but not much for any scars. I heard it would take like 15 to see a good result, but I had to stop going after my 4th one because I broke out immediately after the treatment (that sucked because I haven't had any breakouts for six years). Now this may be due to the fact I had used a soap, or it may be that I got contaminated from person who used the equipment before I did, I have no clue since my first 3 went without any problems.

First treatment they do it very mildly to get your skin to adjust to the shock, then the setting goes higher. Make sure you do it under the supervision of a doctor, not at salons.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have gone for the laser treatment. This latest breakout took years back of progress.

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So far I've had 3 professional micodermabrasions. The first one I had when I lived in Dallas. The lady showed me her machine and explained how it worked. I saw a bit of improvement after the first time. The second two I had where I live now and I got no introduction to the machine at all.

Seems kinda strange to me. I think the better the machine and technique, the better the results. The first one in Dallas was a little pricey which could be expected if they have an expensive machine. Keep in mind though microdermabrasion will not get rid of alot of scars especially if they are deep, it will only make them blend with the surrounding skin more after many treatments. This is what I've been told quite a few times. In conjunction with other treatments, you should see results.

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