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Alternatives to Accutane

I took accutane for my first time during the end of my senior year of high school all the way until the middle of my freshman year of college. Before the accutane I had cystic acne, and after it was done I had none. No acne at all, actually. The time during, especially during such a crucial time in my life, was living hell. I would never go out and talk to people because of it.

My acne cleared up for about a month after it, and it has slowly been persisting until just now where it's started to get really bad. I can almost see the "bubbles" of whitness right below the skin all around my left and right cheaks close to the nose and mouth. I assume that soon they'll become pimples. Anyhow, my neck and my cheaks are starting to break out big time.

Here's the problem. I was thinking about going back for a 2nd round of accutane, and going through hell again... but I don't know if I can. I remember the doctor saying that I can't exercise while on this stuff. This could be a problem, seeing as I work at a climbing gym and I climb ALL THE TIME. I can't go very long without climbing or I'll go crazy.

So, are there any alternatives out there?

Right now I'm using the Kiehl's Facial Fuel face wash and cleanser. And to tell the truth, even though I've only had it for about a week, I've started to break out worse sinse I've got it. I figured maybe it's kinda like accutane where you break out at first.... but I'm breaking out on my chest and back too.... which I don't wash with this stuff..

So, alternatives to accutane anybody? :D

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