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I turned 24 back in February, but I have a great deal of evidence to not only PROVE that my acne is as bad as "an adult's" but even as bad as most men tend to get. Walking around with huge pussing bumps and NOT covering them up with make-up... you couldn't even tell hat the shape of my face was! Sometimes I was so swollen my neck an checks were sticking out from the throbbing pain. My brother may get slightly more severe acne than me, but he normally has EXTREMELY large cysts. I have cysts too, but I am more red and have far more spots than he does, so we just might be striking even on this one. My acne has always been consistent too, ALWAYS having at least 50 or so spots on my face at a time. Nothing was slowing it down, and the bumps only get bigger and bigger with time. "Teenage Acne" my ass, the first time my dermatologist saw me at 13 he not only paused and looked startled, he even double checked his clipboard to make sure I was actually the same person that I told them.

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25. I will be 26 in 2 months. I can't believe how fast this went by.. maybe 'cause I've been thinking of my skin so I tried to keep myself busy so the time goes by fast.

I just can't wait to have clear skin, so I try to keep myself very busy. I stopped getting cysts, I hope... my skin is very smooth when I touch it. I do get a pimple or two here and there, but as long as it is smooth..

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32...hoping to be cleared up by 33 (this summer). Over 20 years with acne. I want my life back!

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I'm almost 26. Had acne since around age 21 which fluctuates between the high and low ends of what I'd say would be moderate.

I had no skin issues whatsoever when I was a teenager and I really miss not having to try to keep my skin "under control." angry.png

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