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Question for those who have taken accutane more than once

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Im new to the board. Anyhow might as well get to the point.

Im a 21yo male, and I originally took accutane back when I was 16. Fortunately my problems with my face were minor, however my back was utterly miserable. Fortunately accutane took care of it.

However since I have turned 20 my acne has started popping up. Nothing incredibly terrible, however it is still an annoyance. Mainly it is on my back, which has unfortunately suffered quite a bit of scarring. I also get it around my chin where I shave. Do any other men here notice they get worse acne around their beard growing areas than any other area of their face?

Nonetheless my question is for those who are on a second or even third run of accutane. Does the medication work faster the second time around, since your body has already taken it? Or does it usually take the same amount of time?

I realize that it changes from person to person, im just wondering what a general consensus may be.

Thank You


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I took accutane twice. The first time my acne came back after a year and when I started accutane the second time it was the exact same as the first time. It took the same amount of time to clear and all that jazz. The same side effects pretty much... The thing is the drug leaves your system after a month of quitting. So there would really be no reason for it to work faster the second time around. Best of luck!

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