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allegric to Benzoyl Peroxide?

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i just started using Benzoyl Peroxide, the neurtogena on the spot brand, and my face drys up badly, at first it was just a bit itchy but when i woke up the next day and my face is really dry, my skin was peeling. i quit using to get rid of the drying but its been like 3 days and my face is still peeling around the mouth area. is it possible that im allegric or is it common to get this dry for like 3 days


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Yes, the dryness is common. I would say if you experience any swelling... then you have a problem. If I use 10% BP for some reason my eyes swell shut - but not with 2.5%. Just be sure to keep moiturized and hydrated and the dryness should subside after a couple of weeks.

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for some reason, right after i put on the bp, i go into a mild sneezing fit. i don't know if it's my allergies or what. it doesn't really bother me though. actually the past couple of days it hasn't been happening! maybe i used too much at the beginning.

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don't worry about the dryness of skin and stuff... i'm having some problem with that too... i started this regimen about... 6 days ago, the first 2 days were pretty nice, nothing happened that i read about (dryness of skin, darkening of skin, etc) but, the next 3 days were hell, lolz. my skin was drier than the sahara desert and i looked like some freak of nature or something, but, that didn't scare me... i just kept using the BP and now, on the 6th day, my skin isn't that much dry anymore, although, i have to use a little bit of moisturizer to keep me looking "normal". although... i look really tanned... lol.

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thanks for the replies, haha i was just really worried cuz it was peeling bad but it actually looks like its clearing up a bit so ill ease up on how much BP i use. thanks

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