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I had acne about 8 months ago. I just had a total breakout all over my face. Never in my life have I had such a bad breakout and it was depressing. I did the necessary steps to cure my acne. Now I am acne free for the most part. I have very shallow hyperpigmentation which you couldnt even tell unless you were seriously 6 inches from my face. But I still stress out about acne all the time and I am a little depressed because my face isnt perfect like it used to be.

I tell myself that I will once again have a perfect face in due time. The longer the acne scar has been there the more is disappears. I know it sounds stupid but I get livid over every little blemish now. And I know if the people in this forum saw a picture of my face you would say I am overexarggerating and I dont have a problem whatsoever. But now I also study people's faces because I am so stressed out on mine. But even if people dont have a perfect face I think they look fine. I dont like feeling like this even as outrageous as it may seem. I always tell myself there are more important things to do then worry about my face, but seriously I cant enjoy life to the fullest because of it. If anyone has any suggestions for me please tell me.

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i guess you can either learn to live with it (maybe see a counsellor).


you could get some expensive treatment for the scarring. maybe glycholic acid peels or laser treatment? i don't know whats best.

in a way the less acne/scarring you have the more obsessed you become with minor imperfections. i think the solution is to become as more secure person. dont know how you do that though... sorry.

all the best,


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