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Accutane and Excercise (2006)

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Hey Everyone!

I am about to begin my 3rd trial of Accutane (the first 2 were over 8 years ago).

About 6 months ago I began working out (moderate weight training) 3x a week and eating a healthier diet. The resulsts have been great...but now I'm nervous that taking Accutane will inhibit my ability or worse: inhibit my results. What is everyone else's experience...especially mild to moderate lifters?

I know this topic has been posted already...but the thread is a year old and was hoping for more recent experiences.


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I had to shovel some snow today... Oh man, my shoulders! :P And I carried two heavy bags of groceries (long distance)... my arms! Damned accutane, I'm a total cripple... but it's worth it.

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i lifted heavily throughout my entire course of accutane and noticed only that i was slightly more sore than usual, although nothing to slow me down. i gained lean muscle fine and got a great deal stronger during the treatment as well. did it inhibit me? maybe a little ill never know, but i did makes gains nonetheless.

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Seems to be a lot of variance in how Accutane affects exercise capacity, joints, muscles etc.

I've been on a microdose course and it absolutely wrecked me. One afternoon I played a few hours of ping pong -- the next day I couldn't even stand up straight. And weightlifting became painful.

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Accutane will make your muscles more sore and heal slower.

Gains are less then if you where not on it. But its still good. I exercised throughout my course.

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