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almost 3 weeks in......few questions

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ok. so im almost 3 weeks in. not to good tbh. ive got so much more acne now. and they are the big nodule types, AND they all clump together to form even bigger ones. i mean i have like 3 sets of big ones which consists of like 2-5 big nodules. But anyway, im still gonna stick it out. i mean, i really hope this will work in the end. i really really have nothin else to turn to if this dont work for me. i havent even been out for the past few days. i cant even be arsed to walk out the house now. life really sucks. but neway, for my questions. Some of the big nodules that i have popped on there own whilst i was washing my face. so now they are opened. Is it still ok to apply bp right over them?? also, ive been applying bp under my jaw, along with moisturiser as recommended. but for some reason, the area at the bottom half of my neck (which has never touched bp) has become really dry. so i started applying moisturiser, but its still really dry. why is this area getting dry when i havent even applied bp there??

oh, sorry. left out one thing. after i applied bp and moisturiser. When i go to wash it off at night, or the following morning, as soon as the water touches my face, i feel this layer of gel stuff. as if the moisturiser of the bp hasnt gone into my skin but just sat around on the service. is this normal??

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Guest Gentle~Rain

Yes, I have never had a problem with putting bp over an open zit. As for the dryness....you have gravity to thank. I think the bp migrates south during the day, plus when you bend you head down the bp coated area touches the non bp area. Just keep using moisturiser there ..infact maybe appy it to the dry part before you but any bp on to protect it.

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What products are you using? It's fine to apply BP to opened zits, just make sure to be gentle with them. And yeah, when you wash your face, the white 'gel' you feel is actually moisturizer and some BP washing off your skin, which is fine. Don't try scrubbing it off, just gently move your fingers around on your face when you're lathering up for 10 seconds and wash it off with water.

I find washing in the shower day and night works best and has minimal irritation because the only time I'm actually touching my skin is when i lather up. I put the "pressure" of the shower way down when I wash my face so the water basically splashes on my skin rather than coming down through a hard stream of water which could irritate.

Also, how much BP are you applying now that you are 3 weeks into the regimen?

I would recommend to stick with it precisely for 3 months and to make sure you're at full dosage at week 4 and on.

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thanx guys. im using 1 1/4 finger at the mo. i will goto 2 full finger by end of 4 weeks. gonna stick it out as nothing else ever helped me. if this dont work, really..what is there for me to do. i still remember back in march, when for some reason, my acne all cleared up. i mean, i was literally almost clear, but still with shit loadsa scarring left from over the 4 years of acne. but man, i really thought that it was finally the end of acne for me. but then it came back again. really dunno why it went, and came back. why!!!

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