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I was referred to something called "EFT" a few weeks ago because of my depression. I learned to do it and everything but never got around to testing it out. It's supposed to be like acupuncture, but without the needles...if that makes any sense! It says you can use it on ANYTHING. When I say anything, I mean they've tried it on people with personality disorders, people with depression, anxiety, even people who were schizophrenic! They also tried it on addictions, joint pains, muscle cramps...everything. I was wondering...I wonder if it could work on acne too?...or if not, maybe it can remove the stress that sometimes causes acne? Here is a link that said it works: http://www.emofree.com/articles2/acne-color-blindness.htm

I mean, it really doesn't hurt to try and it's free so download the manual and give it a shot. Tell me what happens! http://www.emofree.com/

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I tried this stuff before. I didn't really work, but then again I only did it for like a week or so.

I think for most, acne is a reflection of your internal self. EFT is mental, acne is much more physical in my opinion. I'm not saying thinking positive can't improve your skin... it's just one piece of the puzzle.

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I use EFT daily and it has helped me with many things. I have never used it for acne. Why not try it and see if it helps,whats the worse that could happen?If stress is aggervating your acne and making it worse then EFT may be the cure.

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