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foundation bad for skin???

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i've seen a massive improvement in my skin since switching from oil free almay and max factor liquid foundation to mineral makeup.

Me too! Well, I switched from Cover Girl liquid foundation and powder to mineral makeup, and I have suddenly stopped getting Evil Cysts! If only I'd been smart enough to know that makeup was the root of the Evil Cyst problem... I could have saved myself eight years of awful skin. Sigh...

But yeah, MMU has cleared me right up. It's still probably not the best for my skin, but it's so much better.

I agree about the "mineral makeup" thing. It's the like the "least worse of" type of makeup. It's the only thing I actually use on my face, when I happen to wear makeup (which is rare).

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this is what i discovered today, mmu makes me develop clogged pores, ha. how ironic. and i thought it was harmless.

i didn't wear makeup for an entire week (midterm break) and my face was clear from those clogged pores/sebum strings (u know what i mean, labgirl?). anyways, then yesterday, which is monday, i decided to wear just a bit of mmu powder to school cuz it's cold and my face will be sooooo red. well, mmu stayed on my skin for 8 hours, and i noticed THREE NEW CLOGGED PORES after i washed it off!!!! WOW!!! is it possible for them to develop soooo quickly?

i've never associated mmu with these "strings" because i was never completely clear of them in the first place and thought they were destined to stay no matter what.

geee, i'm never gonna wear that stuff ever ever again!!

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So, I always end up going back to mineral makeup because I feel like it covers the best and I always hear about how 'good' it is for your skin. I've worked at Disney World for 5 years as, well, can't really talk about it haha but all of us girls didn't like mineral makeup because it honestly just gets a cakey look after a while. I have very mild acne and just have to cover a few spots, but then I feel like the mineral makeup that I powder all over my face just ends up cakey by the end of the day. I'm now in California pursuing music and after being in the studio all day I feel like my face just looks terrible after a full day's work. I used to use a combo of MAC studio fix powder/liquid foundation and it gave me a flawless look all day, but I feel like it's just too expensive and I'd rather try some cheaper stuff from the drug store. I started using Everyday Minerals but it just looks so bad after a few hours. Suggestions? :/

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Thanxxxx so much for all the information you are providing. Quick question... I'm not a big fan of makeup in general, and espcially foundation, but latetly I've been on a mission to get some products and as the nerd that I am, I'm trying to make a smart and informed purchase!!

I went to sephora tried different foundation brands, such as: Make Up Forever, C. Dior, Sephora, Ives Sant Lauren, etc, they all felt very similar, then went to Nordstrom and tried Shisheido, the difference was outstanding! So my question is as a esthetic result I want to go with Shisheido compact, but as a quality I'm not sure. Shisheido referes at themselves as a water base makeup, but there are a lot of the ingredients you mentioned for silicone based make up, and I'm afraid it will make me break out. Any advice, what you've heard of this brand, is it good?


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I personally think that the less is on my face the better. I do have purely VISIBLE clogged pores. They look like tiny little goose bumps, and only visible when my face is plastered to a mirror and I'm stretching the skin. I do not get white heads or black heads, just skin colored clogged pores. So I had YEARS of problems trying to find the right cleanser, moisturizer, and makeup to use. Now, I will tell everyone, if your not consistent with your routine, and you are constantly getting impatient with what your using and want instant results, well life just doesn't work that way. My acne/clogged pores are hormonal. And unfortunately they won't go away till I'm 18-19. But anyways, back to makeup. Using all natural make ups is a better alternative to those silicone based, mineral blah blah blah. I refuse to buy drug store, clinique, etc make up. Anything that has chemicals in it what I cannot pronounce and do not know what they are, I won't wear on my face.

SO whats a girl to do when everything is chemical based or mineral based?

I shop at Lush Cosmetics. :) Why? Because I literally can sit there, and watch the ladies make my make up. Everything is make there in the store, and there is nothing in their make up that clogs your pores, or irritates your skin.

I use the Light Yellow Color Supplement. It is amazing. Using this (and not EVEN a dime sized amount for my whole face.) has significantly cleared my skin up. Mind you, I mix it with my daily routine that has not changed in 2 months. My bumps are getting smaller and smaller. So heres my routine. :)

Avene Soapless Cleanser (From the Cleanance Line)

Avene Purifying Lotion- its more toner like. It's a liquid.

THe Body Shops Seaweed Mattifying Moisturizer with SPF15

Thats for the morning!

At night I use the same thing but with

Avene Diacneal

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