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I've started Acne Cure today.....i love the glycolic acid!

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I just started yesterday and have noticed that my chin was doing something wierd...it looked like there were a bunch of indents on it.. i never got these before..has this hapened to anyone else..maybee I'm allergec to something in the Regimen

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hey just checking in! How you guys doing?

as for the bumps on the chin, just be patient it's drawing those plugs out. It shouldn't get any worse. The good thing is this routine works so quickly that whatever comes out or breakouts will quickly go away. Let me know how you are doing! :(

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What was your acne like before starting Acne Cure? Mine is mild/moderate, more along the jaw line area and below my cheeks. Thanks so much for your detailed recommendation!! I'm only a day along, but will keep yall posted.

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I would say moderate to severe for the last 3 years. This past year I had great success with the B5 but only if I would take 10-15 pills per day. I just didn't want to be a slave to pills every 2-3 hours.

It was suggested to me by 3 different derms that Accutane was my only hope. I had many lesion on my cheeks, lots of little bumps on my nose and breakouts along my upper lip and jawline. I would get the occasional cyst on my jaw line. I was a 3D mess! I would miss alot of school due to my shame and embarrasment of the acne. I piled makeup on to hide the bumps and wouldn't go to sleep overs because I was ashamed to let anyone see me without my makeup.

My back even got bad for a time, but I manage to control that with BP wash.

It's great now..I'm happy, have virtually new skin and no pills!

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i've been doing the acne cure for about 2.5 weeks now. It's working great, my acne has decreased from about 4 zits per week to just about none. But the pores on my chin have been looking like little tiny bumps. You know, it really reminds me of the first few weeks on accutane before everything clears up - i think it's really the plugs finally surfacing, and so i actually like it and I'm hoping i'm on the way to really clean pores...

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