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Had hydrafill last friday

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Just thought I'd let you know how it went.

We decided to try it on the worst two areas first to see how I get on with it. She did warn me that I may bruise because with acne scars she has to go a bit deeper than when filling wrinkles. I felt quite confident with ther and I did not take the step lightly.

She said to me that normally people always come back for more because once thay see the improvement they start wanting more and more.

I have to say so far I am very pleased on the areas we have done. I have bruised a bit, just as she warned. I was told it will take about a week for it all the level out and the bruising to go.

The actual indented scars she treated look so much more level now. I can't believe it!

Now when I put foundation on, I can see the areas a re definitely smoother.

I am going to go back to her for another go after a few weeks.

I have also just ordered the Apeel daily and correct, I'm hoping that will help with the overall texture of my skin.

Hope this helps

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It's a temp filler but some say is supposed to last longer than restylane.

I'm in the UK

At the moment I'm so pleased with the evening out of my big indents.. I'd happily go back for top ups.

It's really helped my confidence.

I'm due to go back for some other mor shallow areas in a few weeks.

Now that my focus is off the big scars.. I can see more clearly that my skin has some large pores and is aging ..I'm going to be 40 this year..I think being depressed about my scars has made me eat the wrong foods and put on weight etc.. now I can see a glimmer of hope , I am motivated to try and change my lifestyle to a more holistic, helathy one so am embarking upon a mission to find out about food and nutrition.

I'm feeling +ve at the moment!

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Hi 30something2,

Don't suppose you could post where you had it done and with who?

If not I'd really appreciate a PM with the info.

Thanks a lot :)

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