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good sources of zinc

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whats a good source of zinc which can be commonly found in a super market? im not too keen about taking zinc pills and the like but i do believe im not getting enough zinc and ive read a lot about zinc and how it can help improve acne. trying to increase my zinc intake cant hurt right?

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Guest Gentle~Rain
What foods provide zinc?

Zinc is found in a wide variety of foods (2). Oysters contain more zinc per serving than any other food, but red meat and poultry provide the majority of zinc in the American diet. Other good food sources include beans, nuts, certain seafood, whole grains, fortified breakfast cereals, and dairy products (2,9). Zinc absorption is greater from a diet high in animal protein than a diet rich in plant proteins (2). Phytates, which are found in whole grain breads, cereals, legumes and other products, can decrease zinc absorption (2, 10, 11).(Refer to Table 1: Selected Food Sources of Zinc lists a variety of dietary sources of zinc.)

Food Milligrams %DV*

Oysters, battered and fried, 6 medium 16.0 100

Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Breakfast cereal, fortified with 100% of the DV for zinc per serving, 3/4 c serving 15.0 100

Beef shank, lean only, cooked 3 oz 8.9 60

Beef chuck, arm pot roast, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 7.4 50

Beef tenderloin, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 4.8 30

Pork shoulder, arm picnic, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 4.2 30

Beef, eye of round, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 4.0 25

RTE Breakfast cereal, fortified with 25% of the DV for zinc per serving, 3/4 c 3.8 25

RTE Breakfast cereal, complete wheat bran flakes, 3/4 c serving 3.7 25

Chicken leg, meat only, roasted, 1 leg 2.7 20

Pork tenderloin, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 2.5 15

Pork loin, sirloin roast, lean only, cooked, 3 oz 2.2 15

Yogurt, plain, low fat, 1 c 2.2 15

Baked beans, canned, with pork, 1/2 c 1.8 10

Baked beans, canned, plain or vegetarian, 1/2 c 1.7 10

Cashews, dry roasted w/out salt, 1 oz 1.6 10

Yogurt, fruit, low fat, 1 c 1.6 10

Pecans, dry roasted w/out salt, 1 oz 1.4 10

Raisin bran, 3/4 c 1.3 8

Chickpeas, mature seeds, canned, 1/2 c 1.3 8

Mixed nuts, dry roasted w/peanuts, w/out salt, 1 oz 1.1 8

Cheese, Swiss, 1 oz 1.1 8

Almonds, dry roasted, w/out salt, 1 oz 1.0 6

Walnuts, black, dried, 1 oz 1.0 6

Milk, fluid, any kind, 1 c .9 6

Chicken breast, meat only, roasted, 1/2 breast with bone and skin removed 0.9 6

Cheese, cheddar, 1 oz 0.9 6

Cheese, mozzarella, part skim, low moisture, 1 oz 0.9 6

Beans, kidney, California red, cooked, 1/2 c

0.8 6

Peas, green, frozen, boiled, 1/2 c 0.8 6

Oatmeal, instant, low sodium, 1 packet 0.8 6

Flounder/sole, cooked, 3 oz 0.5 4


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