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A while back I saw a post about needing to be sleeping during the hours of 10pm-12 am.. I was curious about this.. I had heard before that that's when your body does some type of healing.. so I was curious when I saw it once more in an acne post.. so I switched my world upside down basically for this expirement.. I had the worst sleeping pattern before.. I would go to bed at like 4 am wake up at 6 for school sleep again at like 3 when I got home and it was horrible.. so now I've been going to bed at 11 or so every night... (I know not as early as I should be still, but a definite improvement) I have had fewer breakouts since I started doing this... it also might have something to do with keeping a schedule.. I think your body works better when you have some form of a schedule.. because before I didn't.. I would just sleep whenever I could and eat whenever and whatever I could.. which was pretty bad.. I think sometimes doing that is hard on your body.. also change your pillow case every night.. don't just flip it over.. because chances are you move around in your sleep and your hands go under the pillow.. and hands usually carry a lot of bacteria.. so changing that has helped me but I did that a long time ago and still do it.. also try not sleeping on your face.. but on your back instead... I think your skin can't heal as well when it's pushing up against something for hours at a time.. these things have seemed to help me.. also I've started drinking a lot of water and propel lately and that has helped as well.. propel is nice because it has some B vitams in it :) as long as a little bit of E and C... I try to get in over 60 ounces a day of water and propel.. I've sometimes gone over 80 as well.. I've noticed that has helped a little bit as well.. basically keeping a decent sleeping and overall schedule, changing pillow cases, trying not to sleep on face, drinking water and intaking a lot of vitamin c naturally is my advice.. it's not a cure.. because I still get pimples.. I've just noticed I don't get near as many and they heal quicker as well.. and every little bit helps I guess..

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