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I went in to see the new Derm today, and it was like a dream. The last derm I visited pretty much flat out told me that she was -not- under any circumstance going to prescribe Accutane for me, and quite rudely/snobbishly too. I was infuriated and stomped out of her office. So over the last couple of months, I did some checking around, and after speaking with the new Derm's receptionist, I was told that he had no problems prescribing Accutane when it was necessary. Well, off I went to the Derm today, somewhat nervous, but with a big speech planned out for days about how I had done the research on Accutane, that I understood the possible risks, how i'd tried all kinds of oral antibiotics and topicals already, and why I would really like to start taking it.

Well, this is the actual account of how it went:

<Doctor enters room>

Doctor says: Hello

Me: Hello Doctor

Doctor: So, what can I help you with today?

Me: I'm really having a hard time with this acne. *points to face*

<Doctor nods>


Doctor: If I had your acne, I would go and see a dermatologist and ask him for Accutane right away.

<I sat there for a second probably with a vacant look on my face and then grinned when I realized he was making a joke :lol2:>

Doctor: How does that sound?

Me: Well.. that sounds great!

I'd already told the nurse my prior history of tons of prescription topicals, antibiotics, and OTC topicals. And so a very thorough discussion ensued about the risks, his opinion about the drug, the results I should expect, and directions. His responses were like hearing it from my own mouth, as he'd come to the same conclusions about it as I had regarding the depression controversy. We were a bit concerned that maybe he was a very new derm before arriving since he was about the only one in our area that we called who did NOT have a 5 month long waiting list... instead, he had multiple openings this very week! But that was quickly resolved as he appeared to be a man in his 50s or 60s. After talking about Accutane, I found out that he has been prescribing it for 29 years! (Yes, 29.. he actually used to study in England and was prescribing the drug 5 years before it even came out in the USA!)

Wow. During the talk about the risks, he mentioned (although he has not actually counted the exact number) that he has had well over 1,000+ patients who he has prescribed Accutane for over the years. Out of all of those, he said that only one patient demonstrated the psychiatric side effects that Accutane has received so much bad press for in recent years. The kid broke up with his girlfriend, started cursing at teachers, was very irritable, etc. He said that he immediately took him off the drug, and in a week he suddenly returned to 'normal'. But here's the real kicker: One week later he put him back on the drug for the remaining months of the treatment and he had absolutely no problems at all. :surprised:

This Derm was wonderful.. very nice, extremely thorough in covering all bases (Even about moisturizers, eye drops for contacts, lip balm, and avoiding Vit. A), and his staff were all wonderful too. Talk about a night and day difference over my last Derm! I got my prescription filled today already, and will be starting it in a few days after the blood tests.

Interestingly.. I mentioned how all of the other derms we had checked with had waiting periods of 1 month to 6 months to not even taking new patients at all. He said he kept in contact with all of the other derms locally, but just couldn't figure out why they were all so over booked all the time. Makes me wonder.. maybe part of the reason is because they are so hesitant to prescribe Accutane, and instead keep many of their patients coming back for years on end with topicals and antibiotics that rarely cure the acne (like my first derm tried to do to me) :snooty:

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hi test,

do you consider your acne mild, moderate, or severe? Was wondering because im also trying to get a another course of accutane and i have mild to moderate acne.

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My derm wasn't mean about it. But he said that it was poison which made me raise my eyebrows a bit. If it's monitored, then I don't think they should have a problem with prescribing it to folks with moderate-severe acne. Just my .2 cents.

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hahah what a story, yeah I see alot of people on this board who had trouble getting an Accutane prescription it was really strange for me to hear because the first and the only derm I've ever went to prescribed it without any problems, here was our conversation

Me : Hello doctor

Doc: Hi

Me : Im having some acne problems and I've tried all OTC products, I know about accutane and I know all the side effects, i've decided I want to go on it.

Doc: I recommend Accutane as well.

Me : Ok

*doc leaves*

it was so random, it was a minute meeting, and i was prescribed accutane and got it right away without a blood test even....

weird huh?

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It's pretty sad when derms won't liten to you, but at the same time I can sort of understand teir hesistation, especially with younger people. I was 26 when I started mine, and my derm offered it to me before I even asked, likely b/c I was pretty "old" for it and obviously nothing else had worked.

I'm glad to hear you're getting it-welcom to good skin!!

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