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So I've been casually browsing the net for articles on pregnancy and increasing fertility odds (for fun.. hey I'm only 22) and I swear I forgot it was a pregnancy site because the recommendations were pretty much identical to what is said to cure or alleviate acne.

Some of the most interesting connections that I wasn't really aware of for fertility-boosting are the following:

  • B6, zinc, calcium, vitamin E
  • make sure you don't have yeast infections/candida
  • stay away from carbs and sugar and processed foods (specifically hyd. and grain oils)
  • de-stress and exercise
...which of course are some of the "best" tips for remedying acne.

It just goes to show that EVERYTHING optimizes (skin balance, fertility, etc.) when your body is working properly (i.e. proper homonal balance etc.).

Definitely motivates me to tackle my acne from a holistic viewpoint... with the *primary* goal of getting my hormones on track (if I'm still spotty I'll look into other crazy theories like demodex mites and other paranormal, I mean, parasitic activity).

Bottom line it seems like you can tackle acne in 2 ways:

(a) treat the symptoms

(b) treat the problem

If you're interested in having children (eggs and sperm alike) I'd suggest focusing on (b) in order to optimize your entire body for personal wellness as well as future baby making. That you have acne is likely an indication of a deeper problem. (For me I have confirmation of such a connection because of irregular/non-existent natural menses). Acne is prevalent to a great extent because we live in a (largely) synthetic hormone-overload environment, such as the cows that get insanely pumped to the point of bursting and the refinement everything goes through that digestively ignites our hormones into overdrive. (I believe the problem is that estrogen production gets impaired... more estrogen improves your overall immune system and the regulatory function of cells (see here))

And in keeping with the theme of this topic... consider this:

Symptom-treatment for a crying baby: surgically remove her vocal chords and tear ducts

Problem-treatment for a crying baby: change her diapers

I will try to post some supporting articles/links as I come across them...

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PATHOGENESIS OF ACNE: Journal of Experimental Dermatology!



From a quick browse I gather the hormonal link is likely key...

Also did a fair amount of coconut oil/saturated fat research today and looks like it's misinformation about the 'evils' of saturated fat and high fat diets that significantly perpetuate current health pandemics such as obesity, heart disease--in reality our health problems are being exacerbated by hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils and soy-- and the FDA has yet to "validate" this information meaning it's worthless in the eye of the public... all thanks to faulty research and manipulative soy-manufacturing companies... apparently companies such as Oreo and Ritz Crackers used to bake with coconut oil but gave into the pressures of reducing the saturated fat content just to please the trendy consumer... I hate proliferation of misinformation!

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