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Yellow-ish liquid residue on my face....am i allergic to it???

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I've been on this regimen since 13th January, heres what i'm using:

Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser, moisturiser (no sph-15, not oil free), on the spot cream.

i apply bp once a day in the morning, wait for 15 mins after cleanse and another 10 mins after bp, and use moisturiser whenever i felt my face itching........

At first i applied a full finger of bp, which is a no-n0, then after a week, i stopped for 2 days then i started to apply bp on today, around 1/3 of my index finger, moisturised, then went to work.

I managed to survive the first few hours without serious itching and redness, but, after lunch my face started to itch, i applied another layer of moistuiriser to ease the itchiness, somehow i managed not to scratch my face till evening.

When i came back from home, i quickly washed my face with water and apply moisturiser, my face became extremely red and itch here and there, after one hour, it itch so bad and i have to wash my face with water again then apply moisturiser again, i already finished a bottle of it since i started this regimen.....

Now, my face secretes yellow-ish liquid (looks like blood plasma, i dunno how to describe....definately not oil) and it will harden and stay on my face and i had to wipe it off with tissue, my face itch BIG time, this happened after 3 days i first started the regimen, that time i thought i used too much bp and caused it, but now........

So, am i allergic to bp???? Once i forgot to bring moisturiser to work i ended up scratching my face the rest of my working time.......my face actually improved, only a few bumps and blackhead are now where to be seen, when i stopped for 2 days, they came back again......

i have oily and very senstive skin, so please give me some advice, i really dunno whether i should continue it, this regimen really works but my skin could not tolerate it.........and thanks for reading such a long post.

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oh, that sounds really awful, I think you have scraped off too much skin somehow. Please stop all products and give your face time to get back to normal. And consider checking with your doctor/derm before you try the Regimen again.

hugs, I hope you get better soon.

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