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swollen face while on accutane?

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i've been on accutane for about 2 1/2 weeks now. all the normal side effects are there, dry lips, lower back pains, etc. except i noticed the left side of my face is a LITTLE swollen. at first i thought i was crazy but then a couple days passed and it seemed to get a little bigger. it's not noticeable from a distance but i can tell when i look into the mirror. and it's mostly on the jawline area that is swelling up. then i read my accutane manual/handbook and it said if i start to get any swelling of the face that i would need to call my derm and quit taking accutane. i do NOT want to stop taking it.. so basically, what are my options? is this a serious enough side effect to give my derm a call? anybody else have this problem?

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anybody know what's going on? i was asking around and my friend mentioned that i may be allergic to it. if i am, i will be very very disappointed..

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If the entire side is swollen you should call your derm immediately.

If it's just a bunch of random spots, it's probably just acne forming.

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it's not acne forming. i know that for sure. it kind of feels like when you get your teeth numbed and it's swollen. like that except it's very small. i called the derm and he suggested i take my 40mg every other day. i skippped my first day today and it went away, for the most part.

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