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Hi guys

before my pros and cons, for those that know me just thought id update you a little. well i got my tane (i was off it for 2 weeks max) which i was gutted about. But nevertheless, jumped straight onto 80mg and statred month 4. Now im into 4 and a half months of tane and finishing in about a week. Wow, i havnt really got much acne now to tell u the truth. i so do not worry about acne at all (i just get para everyday about my lips!) But wow, the stuff works. im very happy. i really am so much more clearer, i just had an awful feeling that tane might not work. it was my last stab at acne. my hopes and dreams were foreced into taking tane. and it worked just as much as i had prayed. but DREADING a relapse, i feel just cos of the way my skin works, ill get a relapse. wish i could stay on the tane for longer, i really do. Thought about it, but i just cant stand my lips anymore, they really knock my confidence because they always looks fucked and im constantly licking them, or applying some new treatment (started dr dans lip balm straight from overseas, it works better then blistex i reckon, doesnt moisturise, but wax soaks the lips and can appear less weird looking). anyway

so much to tell, cant really think. but hoenstyl, tane was the best decision ever. a new year, a new start and i thank god for everyday and hope he forgives me for being so vain. but hey, i hope i dont get a relapse if i do, straight back on tane (through prescription!) i hate acne, and when i think about last year, i often get teary eyes because of the pain i went thruogh cos of acne, and staying in the house everyday, and hating to go out. i just wish i could thank god in some way for giving me the chance of tane.

i may microdose for a while after tane, so the relapse doesnt happen. not sure - any sugestions. maybe 40mg a week for 3 months.

anyway - okay im gonna weigh out some pros and cons about tane - i went through tane 4 months ppl - and im not gonna fuck about - heres the pros and cons about tane that ive faced - straight up


Not much acne at all guys now! Woohoooooooo. Well, better not jinx anything i suppose. never thought i would be writing a positive thread. Here it is. finally.

The only much acne i have got are one or two tiny red marks, which are not as obvious as acne. hey - wtf, im just being fussy. im pretty much clear - and many previous scars as faded or fading. Counting my spots at present (they're really really tiny and just doing this for my point) probably 2 or 3. Exactly.


Okay u ready lol!

1) I have weird tiny scabby spots on this area just above my hand on my forearm. They look disgusting like fading scabs, im so glad my jumper covers them and hopefully theyll go after tane!

(tane has a habit of giving u acne in other places)

2) When i take a shit. yes a shit.. it really hurts sometimes (i read someones other thread on this - its something due to the tane drying out ur ass), but as soon as i hit 60 - 80mg, it really hurt to take a shit seomtimes, even dry blood on occasion. Not so bad these days actually.. hmm.

3) Constantly applying moisturiser everyday. when i wake up, i have dry flakes of skin, in particular places on my face. this started since 60mg. YOU CANNOT survive without moisturiser im tellingu . i never used it before in my life, but i had to start getting used to it. it pretty much solves the dryness though. i hated the thought of putting cream on my face (and over acne), but trust, ur acne soon goes lol! and it doesnt become a problem unless u absolutely hate moisturiser. i had to get used to it, and it solves the dryness so cool.

4) LIPS LIPS LIPS - Are the biggest pain ever. wheni say dry lips, i mean fuckin dry lips. especially on 60 - 80, i hate it and still am. i have gone through many lip balms, lots of blistex. your lips will go really dry constantly, peely, scabby, sometimes cuts if not careful. but constantly dry. i hate it also every day or so when my lips start peeling and u have dry skin constantly hanging around ur lips. and also sore red marks on the upper lip and lower lip ocasionaly (to which i apply eucerin). applying lip products can help, but they can often make ur lips look even more obvious like uve just had surgery on them lol, or ur wearing lipstick. this was my biggest side effect horror, and if not for this i would love tane and continue it. i know people look at my lips and think wtf! and its literally a swap with acne to lips. i reckon girls can get away with this more, as wet lip balms, gloss and everything and so forth they can get away with. guys - good luck!

5) Back pain when doing exercising only started happening recently. u can tell ur bones are slightly more fragile. and once or twice im sure my leg just clicked when i sat down lol. to be hoenst, not even a big problem. but take it easy, dont go running 100 blocks. (im sure u can still exercise, as others do so)

6) Itchy legs on the inside of my thighs, and im sure a lot of u on tane can relate. Its really weird, the inside of your legs constantly feel like youve got like goosebumps there, and at night can be very itchy. Other ppl just may notice a certain spot that tends to get itchy, again not a major problem, guess im just being fusy and pointing these things out - its the fuckin lips i hate.

7) I had back acne previous to tane - i think ive finally stoped getting breakouts there also, but all my previous scars are still there.

THink thats about it. hope ive helped. feel free to reply with any queries, concerns, questions or comments.

could this be my last thread haha. oh yeh its true what they say - those that are succesful on tane do not come back to the boards - cos i havnt posted for fuckin ages (as soon as i got more clearer i think) which proves my point. ive only come back today cos i love u all and have been a member for nearly a year.

ive said it before and ill say it again - i hate acne. why does it exist. i dont know. but please, everyone, try and become better people, dont judge people for the way they look, ur struggles through acne - learn something from it. sometimes people cant help things, and u should be jusged on the inside not the outside. learn from these experiences please, dont stare at people for the wrong reasons, treat people how you would expect to be treated, be a better person!


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All the side-effects are fine, except the poo problem. That is listed as one of the "uh-oh" go see your doc problems. Blood in the poop is NEVER a good sign. If I remember correctly you're self-taning which is problematic when you encounter a problem like this. I dunno what the actually condition which Accutane may cause to create the poo problem, but it can't be good. Do some research, or hopefully somebody here will fill in the information. goodluck

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Hey Guy- Good to see you back! I haven't posted in a really long time, either. Well, actually I started posting again a few days ago..but whatever!

I still haven't gotten on tane..my skin is alot better than it was back when I first joined the board.. but I still get some pretty ugly breakouts and want to go on Tane. After reading your side effects- sounds like the lips were the most unbearable part, huh? What do you mean it had sore red marks on them??

Anyway- I am planning to go back to the derm sometime soon to try and get tane once again. I'm really frusterated with the whole acne thing- It really hinders me in so many ways. When I have make up on, people are so complimentary...and I can't ever take compliments seriously cuz I feel like, "You wouldnt say that if you saw me with no make up on" Ya know?

Well, Im glad to see you are doing well- Stay on the boards every once in awhile and let us know how you are doing. I think doing a maintenence dose at first will help. Just take a few pills a week for awhile, then stop..See what happens. If it starts to come back, Take a few pills again.

Talk to ya later, hun-


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arrr thanx guys. and ive made myself promise that however great or not so great my acne gets, i always have to update the boards to help and inform

As for the poo thing, dont worry its no biggy. it happened like once or twice, and it was only a tiny bit of blood on toilet paper, not in my actual excriment (sory to have to talk about this shitt! not very nice)

anyways the lip thing. its really hard to explain, but just around the lining of your lips, also become sore and dry. and i found putting blistex and lip products around the lips makes this worse, therefore i use a mosituser which helps. but everyonce in a while, i would get horrible obvious red lines trackin across the top side of my lip, or sometimes the bottom. hard to explain, but not nice at all, on top of that your lips look fuckin shit as they are.

anyway, enogh lip talking. ive actually stopped tane today (even though i have 2 weeks more left), as the side effects are just unbearable and i think over 4 months is enough, especially when i was originaly planning 3. microdosing on 40mg every week for 2 months, and see how it goes. thanks for support. take care guys and gud luk

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lol lol, blood on the bogroll eh? I've had that a couple of times and I'm not even on the 'tane! I think it's because I buy the cheapest Kroger-branded stuff though =) soft and gentle it ain't!

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