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All right so here goes nothing 1.23.06

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Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased :D Just read your update and that's cheered me up. You're the man JC. Top dog. That's wicked. Long may it continue. Am taking your advice about the water.

Have had a week of blips to my no-breakout run of 3 or so weeks (mini-cyst things in the old places), but I'm hoping that they remain a blip. Run like the wind JC, may the force be with you :D

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MONTH 2 DAY 25 (day 56)

havent updated in a while, I guess its because things have been pretty smooth.

got a new doctor's appointment tomorrow, hopefully the bloodtests came positive.

side effects have been manageable, i've had small breakouts here and there. And that breakout means an extremely small pimple that goes away the next day or two. No cysts since.

Its kinda scary to think that im already almost 3 months in.

Theres no way though, that i'll be completely void of marks by mid april as I thought though. These marks aren't healing too fast, well, accutane does slow your healing after all so.

But beginning of May or middle of May is not out of reach.

Well, Im not exactly 100% positive if this is the pill count but whatever.

146 Pills and 97 Days to go

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hey jc, thanks for stopping my my log, i never thought of the skin tone the way you say it, i suppose when i stop accutane and my skins stops being so weak it prob will get better, thats good to know. i was kinda worried my skin tone would be like this forever.

glad your doing well. hope you are clear by may. and me too :)

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MONTH 2 DAY 28 (day 59)

got a medium sized pimple on my neck, very pink i might add.

no pimple on face, knock on wood.

side effects have been minimal.

what a turn around, gotta love it.

141 Pills and 94 Days to go

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MONTH 2 DAY 28 (day 59)

got a medium sized pimple on my neck, very pink i might add.

no pimple on face, knock on wood.

side effects have been minimal.

what a turn around, gotta love it.

141 Pills and 94 Days to go

Hi JCx1984

Huahh just read your Roaccutane log..

Cooll.. you are actually counting how many pills you take... ckckckcc,,,


Great to see that you are making a progress..........

I am almost at my dead end... I am having horrible breakout... Gosh.. So crazy

GOd please help me..

Hi JCx...

When is your face started to become better on Roaccutane?

I got this painful andbig cyst that has been on my face for quite sometimes.. Gee. I hope this Roaccutane works for me.

I look forward to your reply :)

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MONTH 2 DAY 30 (day 61)



Got a huge cyst thats a head now yesterday right in the middle of my cheekbones. God thats my 3rd most hated spot to grow acne(after the tip of the nose and between the eyes)

no acne elsewhere, but damn, and its kinda funny im real down just because of one cyst when I used to have 5 of these.

Still, it sucks after havintg 2 weeks of clearness ya know.

damn this sucks, its on the old spot too, grow it here quite often. but hopefully it won't scar.

Other parts of my face are clear.

138 Pills and 92 Days to go

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MONTH 2 DAY 31 (day 62)

Month two is complete, and heres my rundown of what you can expect in two months of tane.. at least in my scenario.

1. EXPECT side effects, do not think you'll get lucky enough to get by side effects and prepare for a battle against yourself as soon as you take that first pill. Get the gear : lip balm, moisturizer, and for some eye drops and fish oil capsules for those who suffer from muslce, joint problems.

2. DO NOT expect instant progress. It isn't going to be an overnight miracle, do not get frustrated or lose faith, keep up what you are doing, and the stress will be that much less. I know its hard, but as long as you aren't in this crazy rare minority, accutane will work for you.

3. KEEP A LOG. Regardless of how you feel it would be important or not, whether its in a private diary or here on the forum, have something to remind of you how you felt before you began the course, it will be something to show you what you been gone through and how much work you've put into surviving tane, it'll make things a little better on you when you read these, seeing that you've put up with too much BS to quit before the course ends.

Those are so far what my lessons of 62 days have taught me. Im sure theres more to come, and frankly im not too excited about it. But whatever, i've endured 62 days, and by the time I hit day 93, i'll probably be almost clear, meaning next 62 shouldn't be so hard so.... yeah....whatever.

Here are the updated photos as of last week, not much has changed except i have one pimple on my left cheek.

Going from left to right :

1. 3-15-06, outside the derm office on a cloudy day.

2. 2-23-06, in a coin laundry with white lighting

3. 1-23-06, in a coin laundry with white lighting

4. 3-15-06, outside derm office with a normal lighting

5. 3-15-06, outside derm office with normal lighting

6. 2-23-06, in a coin laundry with brighter lighting

As you see, I have a very very flushed face due to tane, especially on the left cheek. The scabs you see on the feb photos are pretty much gone on the march photos or are healing. Remember that photos actually look somewhat better than the real thing. So I tried to use the "white" lighting (the ones that my face looks pale as hell) to show an accurate description of my face, but still, looks better than the real thing regardless.

You could also tell what day it is by the way I did my hair differently on each of those days.

Hope you enjoyed.

137 Pills and 91 Days to go

Edited by JCx1984
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MONTH 3 DAY 2(day 64)

The cyst or, so I thought it was a cyst is gone now. Settled pretty nicely actually, so no more active pimples once again.

Lets make it a long trend this time.

135 Pills and 89 Days to go

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where are you jc. hope you are clear and thats why you not around anymore.

Wow its been a while since I've been here.

Well, I missed the 7 day window a month ago, so i couldn't get on tane for 3 weeks. But then when this happened I just decided to call it quits, accutane was having too much impact on my life.

I also did not bother to mention towards the last of my logs that my VISION was starting to suffer from tane. For example, my left eye vision has become worse during the course (must been one of those dry attacks) and my eyes have been so messed up that even though I wasn't in pain or anything anymore, I just decided that it was not the best for me.

Of course the breakouts have stopped 3 weeks ago, so I thought, hey maybe I'll luck out and this was all i needed at least for a while.

And luckily, yes, I was right.

Not a single zit since then, my friends. Just some marks that are healing.

I feel like I can never break out, its been approximately little over a month now since I took that last pill, and jeez, do I feel good.

My confidence was restored past month, and I've been living almost normally like I used to, and MAN.... I just did NOT know how much this drug was affecting me mentally, every week I felt more "sane" and its no joke, you just forget what its like to be normal while on Tane.

Also, my school grades were suffering while I was on Tane, but luckilly I made sure they were hanging around High C's and Low B's,

and past month of course, I've torn it up with more of the "sane" mind to study with. Really, accutane made studying SO difficult as I was totally incapable of concentrating on anything.

Really, thats about it, I've been clear and look to be 100% in about a month or so.

Who knows, 2 full months is probably not enough to deter it from coming back, but then again, who knows. For the time being, i've decided to not go back to Tane even when I could get it now.

And thats the end of my story I guess, yikes that was long but I felt like it was my duty to write this one in.

Good luck Tane Warriors.

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hey jc, sorry to hear that you suffered so bad. but hey you are clearing so thats great news. my derm likes to give 3 to 3 1/2 month courses and no more, a max of 4 months for me. so it must be able to fight off the acne in about a 2 month period. i know how you feel cos i feel like quiting every day. but i force myself to take my next pills just counting down the days until its over. its not been a good experience for me, the ups and downs come and go, so one minute im really happy with my skin and the next day i dont know what went wrong. im sure the horrible skin tone that im suffering from is just due to tane so i cant wait to stop. i just know that if i dont finish the 4 months and get my acne back i will always wonder what might have been. so im battling on for another 3 weeks and thats it.

i hope you remain clear and heal well. and i hope to hear from you again just to let us know how its going.

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