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All right so here goes nothing 1.23.06

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MONTH 2 DAY 5 (day 36)

things going well. The cysts have became a huge head all at the same time, so looks like when all of these dissapear, i just might achieve presentable status.

hmm, hope...round around the corner.

173 Pills and 117 Days to go

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Always good when your spots are coming up at the same time - means while you look awful for a day or two, you get 'em all out the way together, much better. Sure you'll achieve more than just 'presentable' status too!

Glad your eyes are better too, it's so annoying when they're dry, there's just no way of forgetting about it. I've had my lenses in the last few days and they're a-ok; a quick squirt of eye drops in the morning and thats it. Hang in there - what's 172 pills eh! Piece o' cake.

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MONTH 2 DAY 7 (day 38)

two new small cysts RIGHT next to the currently healing cysts, heh, that sucks

eyes acting up as usual again. its so off and on.

170 Pills and 115 Days to go

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MONTH 2 DAY 8 (day 39)

Blood Work bill came.


wow, the lady at the office told me it'd be in the neighborhood of $45, shocker isn't it.

The two cysts have already come to a head, but 2 new bumps have decided to appear on my neck, but its below my chin so no one can see it, sigh, that area stayed clear for a week.

Im getting so fed up with accutane, at this rate my eyes will eventually go blind or suffer from some chronic illness, I don't know how much longer i can take this drynes anymore, not to mention there was somebody on the prescription board saying he developed eye problems after 2 months of usage and had to go off of it, perhaps im not meant to be on accutane, im so sick and tired of having to use a pack of clear eyes every three days. Not to mention it barely helps.

My eyes have been horrifying since switching to Claravis, but stronger reactions from my body have come from it so I don't know what to do. Oh, new side effect, bloody gums.... is this supposed to be one of em, it hurts. And its not because I have teeth problems.

How can the side effects be so crazy?

I guess one good part about all this is that accutane does the trick on my face, my face has gotten alot better since beginning treatment, and at this pace, I know i'll clear, probably in less than 2 months or so, the question is just how much more beatings my eyes can take without me going blind.

I just don't know, I'll have to seriously reconsider this treatment once i get near finishing off my Claravis packs.


169 Pills and 114 Days to go

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sorry to hear things not going well. im really lucky i have no side effects at all, apart from the chapped lips and dryness of course. butmy eyes are fine, if anything i dont even realise im on accutane.

i hope things turn around for you, hopefully the side effects will die down. you need to think is it worth it for clear skin. its only a few more months and it will all be over.

hang in there if you can ;)

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:D Afternoon JC, just wanted to sympathise and say that I'm still having a love/hate relationship with accutane. I know it's doing wonders, but the side-effects are so weird, so random, and so unpredictable. Keep fighting the fight, keep looking at the finish line, keep reminding yourself how far you've come. Sorry about the eyes....really hope that things will improve on that front. Drop me a line, the one, the only, JC :D
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MONTH 2 DAY 9 (day 40)


i feel like poking my eyes out so they stop hurting.

good lord. its pretty bad when you have to close your left eye while driving because you can't keep them open at the same time, so you just switch left and right and drive, its pretty dangerous really.

eye drops have stopped helping, so what now.

i dont understand why i have to suffer from this side effect when no one else blogging their progress seems to be suffering this.

just rotten luck whatever, im going to give it a week, if the eyes dont calm down (history suggest it will) i think i'll drop this treatment, seriously, at this pace, i will develop some serious chronic illness in the eyes, my eyes are red all over, with fine blood lines all over it (thats the area that really hurts)

its so painful.

167 Pills and 113 Days to go

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I'm sooo sorry to hear that your dry eyes has been disturbing you. My eyes are SOOOO dry when I wake up in the morning. I have to put on eyedrops everytime I wake up.. and it'll last me throughout the day so it's good. Still kind of red but it's not as dry. I think you should consider lowering your dosage so it'd lessen the side-effects. I had a lot of side-effects when I was on 60mg.. but after lowering the dosage myself, my side-effects are at minimal now :)

Sometimes you need to know what's better for YOUR body rather than what the Derm says/thinks.

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MONTH 2 DAY 10(day 41)

Same old madness, but the left eye has calmed down a bit so its a little easier on me today, but my right eye is acting up worse than yesterday so... hmm... trade off I guess. Usually the problem is heavily in the right eye, so this feels rather what im used to compared to my left eye spazzin out like it did yesterday. but anyways.

Acne : very good right now, the best it has been since the second initial breakout.

side effects : severely dry eyes, rashes that are well controlled by a prescription cream, slight knee pains when i have not slept for 15 hours or more, very very dry lips, moderate facial redness, slow skin healing after cuts, flaky scalp, and all that good stuff.

Should I lower my dosage? accutane is working for me very well at 60 MG, and I dont want this damn acne thing to ever come back...meaning heavier dosages are more likely to prevent remissions so I dont know what to do.

Gotta worry about these eyes though, it just won't calm down, it was pretty manageable after the 2nd week on Sotret, but Claravis just slammed it down. Seeing that Claravis is giving me more side effects and actually gave me an intial breakout, Im either thinking :

A) Claravis is more effective at "penetrating" my system.

B) Its just a shittier product, now onder its 150 bucks cheaper.

C) Its all in my imagination, my eyes were on and off even on sotret anyway, it could just be the isotreton level building up in my body and thats making it tougher.

I have no idea what the answer is.

Armani - No I do not wear contacts, if I did, I would be dead.

lilobebe - Thanks for the advice, perhaps I should seriously consider lowering my dosage, but im just in fear of remission (not that I've cleared or anything)

166 Pills and 112 Days to go

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Wow, that really sucks that the side effects are so bad for you. Maybe your derm will have some suggestions when you go to see him next? You could try to reschedule the next appointment for the next few days on emergency.

Wish I had some suggestions, but beyond that.. just hang in there.

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I agree, I think you should see your derm, he might have had other people report the same problem and could suggest something.

How come you pay $150 more for Claravis than Sotret? They're both generic? Surely Roche's accutane can't be that much more than Claravis then..?

Rather than lower the dose, perhaps you could up it to 80mg and therefore end the course quicker? Not sure what else to suggest... anyway, hope you find a way of dealing with it!

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MONTH 2 DAY 11(day 42)

complaining about eyes are getting old, so today I wont ramble about them.

I finished my 6th blister pack, meaning I've now taken 60 pills.

It feels like I just bought my new pack of Claravis, I'll need a new one before I know it.

sigh. eyes blow.

165 Pills and 111 Days to go

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Hey, JCx1984.

I've not had to go the accutane route yet, but I was reading your log. This past year I had Lasik done. For the resulting dry eyes (lasted about 3 months), my doc had me use Systane Free Liquid Gel (there is a drop formula as well). It worked great for me as the Visine just did not cut it. Manufacturer has a money back guarantee so you may want to check it out.

Dry eyes can definitely be a bi***!

MONTH 2 DAY 11(day 42)

complaining about eyes are getting old, so today I wont ramble about them.

I finished my 6th blister pack, meaning I've now taken 60 pills.

It feels like I just bought my new pack of Claravis, I'll need a new one before I know it.

sigh. eyes blow.

165 Pills and 111 Days to go

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Hey! Sorry to hear your eyes are so dry... but YAY for clear skin! You are about a month ahead of me so I am excited for what is coming up for me! Good luck with the side effects!

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MONTH 2 DAY 13(day 44)

Oh my god, systane eye drops are doing wonders, my eyes feel like 80% normal now for like 2-5 minutes!!!! And they revert back to about 50% normal but hey, thats better than freaking Visine or Clear Eyes. It made life alot easier, but still, the eyes suck, just a little less. but still. im so happy about it.

Thanks Gar32, as soon as I read your post, I ran to walmart and tried those before I even bought them (yes i ran right away) I was ready to quit accutane ( i actually decided today ) but looks like I can continue as this is making things alot, and i mean ALOT more managable. Thank you

T-Girl, thanks for droppin by, glad you are doing well too. Oh, and, no im not a month ahead of you, we started at the same time, i think its just that Im a stronger dosage so it looks like I've been on it month longer..(?)

Praise these awesome eye drops, I get to open my eyes again.

Thank god.

And now its time to list all the crazy side effects that im facing, just so that future taners can get a good warning of what might be comin to em' and that it is possible. I've been holding alot of these to myself since some of them did not bother much, but i might as well post them for educational* purposes. Listed in order of severity, and difficulty facing them.

1. Severely, Severely, Severely, dried eyes (to a point of vessels popping and creating fine thin blood shot lines in your eyes, to a point where you can't keep your eyes open sometimes, to a point where it looks like you have been punched by a boxer 10 times in the eye)

2. Insane rashes on hands and arms. (It happens, and it hurts too for some reason.. but its somewhat controllable of a prescription called Triamcinolone cream which is RX only, still doesn't prevent it, only treats the rashes once they appear it seems, primarily used for Eczema(sp?) i heard.)

3. Dry nose, Dry Scalp, and extremely dry lips. (No kiddin, pick your nose and you'll see red boogers, pick your scalp because it itches and you see dead scalp all over your hair, the lips? I won't even complain about em since everybody gets em)

4. Emotional Angry Outbursts (yes, it happens. Accutane supposedly increases or applies pressure to your brain. I get pissed or have outrageous reactions to stuff that would have only slightly bothered me pre-tane. Most of the times its manageable as I just get pissed as hell inside, but the outbursts have happened, especially when im a customer at some place where im not happy with service)

5. Cuts inside the mouth and gums : It hurts when you brush your teeth. And before you accuse me of being dirty or something, I've never had problems with teeth since 1st grade or so. My side gums, left and right, hurt after brushing. Never had that happen pre-tane.

6. Slow healing (I got cut up by a cardboard box on the side of my left arm, and it took like 2 weeks to completely heal, where in normalcy they would heal in 1 1/2 days or so. Im paranoid as hell about car accidents now, imagine I got in a wreck and I get cut up everywhere, im dead for sure, my body can't heal)

7. Bone/Joint Aches (to me it only happens in my knees when im extremely deprived of sleep. After sleep, they are right back to normal, I feel blessed that im not suffering this anywhere nearly as severe as alot of others as well because then I would truly be in hell)

AND THE LATEST AND THE MOST UNHEARD OF SIDE EFFECT THAT I NEVER THOUGHT WAS POSSIBLE : For some reason, i developed a pimple on my STOMACH, and my LEG. I discovered this tonight while showering. Needless to say I've never had acne there pre-tane. I mean, its a small pimple, and im sure it'll go away relatively soon, but having a pimple in your stomach or your leg is freaking, and i mean freaking annoying, considering I've got enough on my face as it is.

*Amazingly, I do not suffer from any sort of depression, loss of appetite, no thoughts of suicide, weight loss/gain, and all the other BS they include in the warnings. And #1 is more painful and annoying that #2-7 combined. It sucks.

And something positive and what everyone wants to know. "Is accutane working?"

Yes, and thats the damned reason Im having so much trouble dropping this treatment. My breakouts are becoming less and less frequent, my face has healed up greatly. i can't imagine how much faster they will heal once Im off tane. At this pace, I should be clear by mid april to early may, and i mean clear, completely void of red and brown marks.

Accutane is the most bittersweet scenario I've ever had to face. I just don't know whether to drop it or keep on soldierin. Perhaps I lower my dose, but 40 MG is so weak, it'll probably cause remission of acne in the future.

All right, this will be the most longest of my posts for sometime. Hope it was informative.

162 Pills and 109 Days to go

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thats one long post, lol

thanks for dropping by, my boyfriends tells me my heart is made of steel, lol

i hope we are both clear by may, i go on hols may 1st so that would make my dreams come true

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MONTH 2 DAY 15(day 46)

Eyes still suck, I used a pack of systane in one day wow. But at least its better than before.

Nothing else really, my acne has been all right, and it seems to be making that "turn" everyone speaks of, of course i can't get cocky just yet.


159 Pills and 107 Days to go

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So for some reason.. I have a totally warped sense of time and haven't even realized that I have been on tane for more than a month, which puts me in month 2 also! :)

I'm so sorry your eyes are so dry. I seriously am. I have been lucky so far.

But hooray for thinking you might be clear by april! That is only a month away!!!!!

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lol, what is it with people here and cuts? I see loadsa logs where people mention cutting themselves and having it take ages to heal - I don't think I've cut myself once on 'tane yet! Maybe I should go play with the scissors some more :D

But in all seriousness, your eyes seem to be a lot worse than is mentioned in other logs - maybe you should go to an optician or something? Check that you're not gonna do long-lasting damage; if they're all red and veiny it sounds a trifle worrying. I'd keep using moisturiser on the rashes. Don't really know what to suggest for the inside of your mouth, not had that problem myself. I had the dry, itchy scalp a couple of weeks back but I just bought some Head & Shoulders and its a lot better now.

Sorry to see that you're dealing with a lot of side-effects right now - hope things pick up.

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MONTH 2 DAY 17(day 48)

Well well well.... haven't really had a new acne for like past 5 days or so. I do have a dying cyst diagonally above my right eye, its relatively small, and other than that, my face doesn't have a single pimple on it. no cyst, no little whiteheads, no pimples.

Its funny how these things teach you about yourself, for example, all my life I did not know I was extremely dehydrated, but the symptoms have always been there. I've always had slightly dry eyes and I didnt know it (you could tell if you could make a cracking sound with your eyeballs) , I developed kidney stones at age 13 (a rock forms in your system due to lack of hydration), I always oversweat everywhere, everytime.

And I still didn't know I was dehydrated until accutane hit me up. funny.

I looked up online and supposedly the amount of water you should be drinking a day is your weight divided by two. Meaning, I needed little more than 2 liters of water a day to be efficiently hydrated.

I usually drank about a liter at most. ( around 2 dasani bottles)

No wonder my eyes were messing me up, not only am I especially dry, I even had this pill that was intentionally trying to dry my body out.

So now im trying to drink at least 4 bottles of water a day. Which is pretty tough, but ever since I've been doing it, my eyes have gotten slightly better each day.

Also, I've found eyedrops that are really effective called Bion Tears. Its for "severe" dry eyes, made by the same folks who made systane (alcon) So i gave it a try and its working really well. My eyes feel better than it did back in Accutane day 2.

So with pimples gone, and my eyes beginning to calm down, im feeling hopeful.

Of course, maybe I'll break out like crazy next week, who knows.

Until then though, gotta enjoy, gotta enjoy.

156 Pills and 105 Days to go

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MONTH 2 DAY 20(day 51)

A lot of good news to report today.

First of all, my eyes are almost normal. Amazing that sounds yes I know, but they have calmed down to a point where i almost dont realize they are dry (they are still slightly dry, but are well controlled by eye drops now. And how did I do it? Bion tears and TONS OF WATER CONSUMPTION, yes it helps people, drink water, and side effects will lessen.

Secondly, just about all my side effects are gone except dry nose and lips. Its also because of water, since im not doing anything different except drinking 4-5 bottles of water a day. (i also drink some milk while taking accutane here and there)

Thirdly, I haven't had a breakout in a week. Its the longest time I've ever had not breaking out. Im feeling that I'll never break out again, my face feels awesome, like... not clogged for example. There are no itches, no nothing. All the red marks are healing fast, and it seems like I will be totally clear by mid April to early may or so. And I mean clear, completely void of redmarks and not just acne.

Fourthly, since I signed up back in January, my Ipledge thing has all been taken care of so I dont have to deal with it, I was terrified when I read the mess thats happening here, but it seems I lucked out.

Im so happy.

Oh... by the way, in 3 days, i'll have less than 100 days to go on tane!

152 Pills and 102 Days to go

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Wow, I'm so happy for you! Looks like you're improving nicely ehhhhhhhh? :D I still have a bunch of red marks.. hopefully it'll heal faster got dangit. I'm also glad to hear that you don't have the severe dry eyes anymore. I was getting sad that you were about to get off Accutane because of it :confused: Happy Accutane!!!!! :D

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