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Back Acne Hyperpigmentation

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I've been struggling with acne from about the age of 12 years old. I'm now 17, and although my face is rather free from acne and scars, my back has gone from bad to worse. I managed to get rid of the acne, however, as I have tan-brown skin, there are hundreds if not thousands of hyperpigmented spots...that range from light to almost black. I'm worried because these spots are very obvious, even more so than red spots, which I would have rather I had but unfortunately can't due to my skin color.

I'm sure most of you know the pain of having back acne hyperpigmentation. I can never wear a tank top, anything remotely backless, a bathing suit, and I even have to worry when wearing jeans..as I'm always afraid they'll ride down and expose my scars. I even have difficulty just looking in the mirror. I always change under dim light so I won't have to even look at them. :cry: I hate being like this.

It always pisses me off, because all the people I know who suffer with this are some of the nicest people I've met. And yet those who are mean and cruel don't have to even worry. Sigh, sorry, I'm going on a rant again.

I recently purchased MaMa lotion, and have been using it actively on my knees and elbows to see if there is much change in skin color, as I wanted to try it on tough skin first, in case it was too powerful. I've been using it for about a week, but haven't really noticed a change. Although, it will probably take a month's use to get a visible result. If I noticed a positive change in my knees and elbows, I was planning to use it on my back hyperpigmentation as well.

While I use that on my knees, I have been practically dousing my back with white vinegar. I've been doing it for about two weeks, and have noticed some lightening, which I suppose is a good sign.

I really wanted to be able to get rid of this by this fall, as I'm going to college and wanted a fresh start. I'm just hoping that all this vinegar will make a difference. :pray:

Someone suggested that I should just lay with my back facing the sun, but, I'm worried that this will make the pigmentation darker, rather than the skin around it.

Here are some photos:

IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image

They don't really do it justice however. The flash on my camera lightens the pigmentation.

I was just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation, and if they have experienced any quick success with their methods. I'm all open to ideas.

Thanks guys,


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ah. I feel for you. I'm in your exact same situation; 17 and tanned skin. I got pretty bad marks on my back as well, as well as on my cheeks. I got rid of the bacne with ACV, but the marks look just like yours. (luckily?) I'm a guy so string tops aren't part of my daily attire!

Any solution that people post here I'd probably try out too. :)

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Thanks for the moral support, guys.

I posted to inform that MaMa lotion has been doing wonders for me. I haven't used it actively on my acne first, as I wanted to try it on tougher skin, and thus tried it on a dark scar I've had on my leg for about two years. After about a week and a half on putting on the lotion everyday (not sure if I would recommend this often to everyone however, as I have very tough skin) I noticed that the skin was slightly peeling. Being the picker that I am, I pulled at the dead skin and with one swoop the entire mark (area I had covered with cream) came off. It is now the same color as my skin. I'm so excited! :D

IPB Image

What my leg looks like now. If you look closely, you can see a really bright spot, which is where my scar used to be. I wish I had thought of taking a picture before.

This has given me quite a bit of faith that it will do the same for my acne hyperpigmentation. I'm looking forward to using it. Best of luck, guys!

I'll post my results with my back/face hyperpigmentation as soon as I notice some change.

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i've recently got a treatment on my back that assists in the peeling of the skin, promoting the growth of new skin cells...it works similar to how TCA peels work, but deeper and the result is quite significant...

i am not sure what the name of this peel is because they won't reveal it to me...

i used to have bacne hyperpigmentation marks similar to yours, but after one peel they are around 40% lighter than what they used to be

the only down side is that the treatment costs a lot so i won't recommend it

anyway, i think you might be able to try TCA peel on your back...after a few times i think you would see noticeable improvments, you should try a really light one, like 10% or even lighter on the first peel, and see what happens, if you don't see any improvments, you could increase the strength on the next peel and so on

i am going to do this when i finish my treatment because it didn't fade my marks completely

but you need someone to help you with applying it onto your back

hope it helps!

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