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Red and slightly purple marks

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When I started the regimen 2 months back (this weekend is the 2 month mark) I had some nasty zits which left a red/purple mark (these marks i am talking about are 4-5 weeks old now). I believe they lighted just a tiny little bit than what they were before due to ACV and AHA lotion. How long should I wait before I do a peel on those areas (I want to do a 25% TCA on those areas). I am on the clear skin regimen and I dont know how to add this into it when I do decide to do it. Also I am going to do one or 2 scars at a time. I dont want my face peeling off.

Here is my plan-

Spot treat (peel) with 25% TCA on the red marks (they are slighly pitted... but only slightly)... then after I peel and the scab comes off or the flakiness falls off (about a week or so later) I want to use copper peptides on it to heal it. If you guys think I should just use copper peptides to heal it now instead of using the peel let me know.

I guess I should avoid the area if I am using BP, correct?! At least til it heals and isnt as red?

Shall I wait another month before I treat this with TCA? Pics are in my gallery. I am going to upload now.


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