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Burning skin after showering

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Hullo everyone :) I've been on the regimen for about 3 1/2 weeks now and I've seen some improvement but not much. And my skin is as dry as paper. I have ways to get around that, though, but my problem is that no matter how thoroughly I cleanse my skin before showering it seems that some of the BP clings to my skin and really upsets the areas in my face where I don't apply BP. This is particularly evident around my eyes. Plus, it stings and burns and makes me look like a tomato. :redface: I find that applying some Jojoba oil (or any oil, but since Jojoba is v. light I like that one the best on my face) before I shower keeps the BP in place, calms the skin and doesn't rinse off. I was wondering, though, have any of you found a way around this problem different from mine? I'd appreciate hearing it! Btw, I never rinse my face directly while I shower. It just tends to spread and rinse off anyway.

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Well you're washing your face and applying BP prior to showering? Correct?

I think you should cleanse (wash) your face while in the shower. Most likely AFTER you have washed & conditioned your hair.. so do it last. I suggest you wash off with slightly cooler water than what you shower in, because it will most likely be too hot.

What i do is turn off the hot water, and quickly splash my face with cold water just as it is refreshing and apparently closes the pores?

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leave cleansing to the last thing you do in the shower

- use warm water only

- use a liquid cleanser if dryness is a problem

- be heaps gentle when u apply

- dont put ur face directly under the showerhead to rinse off, gently splash warm water over ur face before cleansing and after when ur rinseing it off

- PAT dry when u get out of the shower

- wait 5-15 minutes before applying BP

- dont apply the BP anywhere near your eyes and be extra gentle when applying

- if ur 3 weeks in u should be using a bit more than half a finger of bp

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Make sure to keep all BP products away from your eyes. I recommend getting a good eye moisturizer and applying it BEFORE you apply BP to your face. The eye are is very sensitive.

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