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Taken from ]http://acneforum.cjb.net

ACCUTANE - DO NOT TAKE THIS $hit.: Here is why:

In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration advised doctors who prescribe Accutane to watch their patients for signs of depression. Afterward, the Hoffman-LaRoche, the maker of Accutane, notified doctors that the drug ``may cause depression, psychosis, and, rarely, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide.''

(from - http://www.accutane-side-effects.com /)

Accutane shuts down your organ that produces the oils, the only problem is it is not selective, it attacks all the organs in your body, ...it effectively stops cell reproduction intended just for oil producing cells originally but if you ask ROche even they will say they arent exaclty sure how Accutane works. It goes all over you body and depending on how fat soluble you are, you could be a walking time bomb of physical ailments. The big A goes to work on ALL your organs, including your Brain. this is why some people kill themselves because their brain cells that produce seratonin do not reproduce and multiply wreaking havoc on the mind and nervous system. Some people have lips that will not produce oil anymore and they are as a result falling off..its called chielitis I think. Others have strange skin rashes all over their bodies, some have horrendous side effects like lose of bowel control, etc etc etc.

Most people report no side effects after one or two courses, but since Accutane has only been around less than 15 years how do they know that some day they will sudenly become incredibly depressed and commit suicide, or that their lymph nodes wont stop producing oil and fluids to lubicate their joints and reult in a hellish case of arthritis. There are many crazy things that can happen but no one even know yet becuase Accutane is so new. I think the long term hidden damage is gonna be bad for a lot of people.

This website is full of accutane users who have banded together to report their side effects.


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Only in select cases. This is complete misinformation. Don't listen to this. Accutane has prevented many acne sufferers from commiting suicide and given them a chance to live a normal life. Find another scapegoat.

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im on accutane rite now and im fine im acutally very happy that my skin will be clear and finally im feelin happen abotu myself

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I don't think their is solid proof that accutane is the direct cause of those suicides. It just so happens people have been taking the medication when the offed themselves. All drugs have side effects, that site is very biased to the negative side effects that only effect 1-3% of patients that have taken accutane. Take that information with a grain of salt.

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okay fib1099,

have you ever taken accutane? do you know anyone who has ever taken? to take it or not is you're choice, but stop trying to spread fear to people contemplating accutane. what you are basing you're argument on is a small piece of the large picture. you're argument is a fallacy based on rare instances. has it ever occured to you that since accutane is used to treat severe acne that maybe the person may already be depressed before they took accutane? maybe the initial breakout makes the person lose hope and commit suicide, but none the less the depression probably already existed. as for messing up your body, thats why your doctor is supppose to monitor you. there are risk for everything and it is up to people to decide that for themselves. don't try to mislead people with you're argument because out of the x amount of people that suffer from serious side effects, there are many many times more people who benefit from accutane. the basis of the matter is that millions have benefited from accutane while there have been less than 1% who commit suicide which accutane hasn't even been proven to be the cause.

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