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Well I have been a sufferer of acne for quite some time, and I can honestly say it is one of the most traumaitic conditions a person can have in his or her life. A constant struggle of approval from other people, the morning routine of looking at yourself in the mirror first thing! with hope that it will clear. The sad truth for the most of us is that we are beautiful people, held back by our appearances. I sadly have no cure for acne, but I know for a fact it has affected me emotionally.

But I have noticed that significant improvements can be made by trying to adopt the following into your life,

Diet - Eat healthy, I always try to go for food as natural as possible, fresh fish is an absoloute must, I have had exellent improvements in my skin condition from fish! plenty of fruit (smoothies with a load of natural soft fruits are great), meats and vegetables.

Water - Get loads of the clear good stuff in your system! Put a lemon in a glass of water for a refreshing change, which also aids skin. Have a good glass before bed every night, this is crucial.

Exercise - Get some fresh air and exercise, this is also very crucial!

Mind - Early nights refresh the mind, make sure you are as comfortable as possible when going to sleep.

You have probally heard this advice over and over again, but the reason you keep hearing it is because it helps!

Hope someone benefits from this, and remember you are the people that make living on this planet worth while.

And Relax!

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That's very sound advice. I find just being healthy and eating reasonably is best for me. I'd rather approach it from a whole-body perspective, just try to be as healthy as possible, than focus on these teeny little details that may or may not cause pimples. The healthier you are the better you'll look in general.

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