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on wednesday night, i started the regimen. The next morning, which was Thursday, i woke up with like 3 big ass spots around my mouth, and 2 not so big, but still pretty damn hefty, near my jawline. i carried on applying bp and now, saturday morning, those spots have pretty much or dried out and flattened down. Its the quickest ive seen these kinda spots heal on me. hella fast. Also, since ive started the regimen, ive been drinking alot more water than i used to. b4, i would only really drink 3-4 glass of water a day. now im trying to keep drinking at least 8 glass of water. which is pretty hard actually. i piss like crazy amounts now. lol. maybe both drinking alot more water and pissing alot more helps too by cleaning up the toxins inside u and depositing it. haha.

i also like to say that this is my 2nd time on the regimen. the 1st time around, i didnt stick religiously enough, plus i didnt do everything to the T. i guess that was why it didnt work first time round. but this time, im gonna do everything as dan says, and go slow and be patiences. Just hopefully i wont be posting here in a few days-weeks time about quiting.

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Basically the same thing happened to me when I started the regimen. I still get breakouts, and I still get pissed when I do (lol, as I sit here eating an entire bag of hershey kisses) but they go away ALOT faster. Basically, it rocks! Good luck! Keep it up, and congrats! ;)

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