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Christopher A.

Don't give up hope, my skin recently cleared. Heres how.

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Hey. I'm a sophmore in college, and I had beautiful skin until I finished my senior year. The past two years have been hell. My acne flared up worse than ever before, going from movie star smooth to preteen red. I've tried the following: Clearsil, Pro-Activ,FaceDoctor RX, Neutrogena,Benzol Peroxide (All percents), Saylic Acid,Herbel Face Wash, even the herbel remedies such as diet change and vitamin supplements. I had been to a dermatologist, however, they had failed. Prescribing me an RX version of the same benzol peroxide found in the aisles. Though, finally starting this summer, something worked.

The problem with acne is that you want it gone and quickly. I spent so much time searching for a quick fix, while my skin worsened, i searched in vain. However, I was one of many who don't even realize, that they have sensative skin. I went to a P.A (Physican Assistant), not even a real doctor. She told me I have sensative skin, and put on the regiment below, worked like a charm.

Sensative Skin = Redness after wash. At First, feels moist and good, but quickly dries and feels tight. Benzoyl Peroxide fails to fully work.

* I lost all the toners containing Salyic Acid. It seems that was the biggest change, stopping the Salyic Acid use. It does nothing for you.

Face Wash - Plexion or a Sulfur based wash. Its gentle on my skin, yet provides a deeper clean than Benzol Proxide ever could.

Exfoliant - To wipe away the dead skin cells I use chemical free gentle exfoliant. Neutrogena or YouthfulEssance are geat options.

Most Importantly though, I got two perscriptions for stuff I'd never used before.

Differn - retinod which dimishes pores, etc.

Cleocin - antiboitic for the face. Clear in color, feels great when on. Cleocin can be put on as many times as you want, and it never will irritate your skin. Way better than using "Sal" Acid.

Lotion - I switch between them. I find its just important to keep my face hydrated. I use a SPF with Vitamin enhancement (A C E ), Olay Regenerist Perfecting Cream, or a standard SPF Lotion.

As for Supplements

I just take Zinc 100mg a day. Because my girlfriend and I **** alot, and sperm is the most potent form of DNA you can lose. Sperm containins lots of zinc, which is important in maintaining clear skin and other functions of the body, such as DNA replications.

P.S: To remove oil from you're skin, instead of washing you're face agian or using a chemical based toner. Just use water. JUST water. And moisterize lightly. Don't over moisterize, you'll actually make you're skin oily.

I assure you, that acne is not you. Its something you must take care of, b/c it will not take care of itself. Ever. My parents both have bad skin, and they are adults. They now are trying what I have tried b/c they've had on and off acne their whole lives, and I've been acne free for months now. Every now and then i'll get a REALLY small red zit, but thats normal for my age.


Sulfur face wash (2x day)

Cleocin (2x day)

Differn (1x day)

Lotion (2x day or as needed rather)

Zinc (100mg day)

Thats it. It might take as long as 5-6 months depending on you're skin type. But stick with it!!! If you continue change acne medications it will only worsen you're skin. Every singly acne treatment takes forever. It took end of freshman year to 2 months ago for my skin to clear!!!!!!! Thats almost a year!!! There is no "Cure" for acne yet, therefore, you must maintain a regimen. I wrote this b/c I used to read these forums all the time. ALL THE TIME. So hopefully, this will help you. B/c nothing you by from walmart is going to cure you. Go see a doctor, two or three. Get professional oppionions.

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