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Dear friends,

I am from Russia. I am suffering from deep acne scars since I am a teenager. Unfortunately doctors in Russia do not practice any scar treatment except dermarasion :( And have no idea of augmentation, subcision, etc. (Believe it or not, I visited all the best clinics in the country!)

So I am looking for a clinic outside Russia to have a decent scar treatment. The clinic can be in Europe (preferably), Australia or the USA.

Could you please recommend a good clinic to me where they practice Punch Techniques, Subcision and Augmentation.

Please, help me to find a good clinic!

Best regards,


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Guest seanna

Hi ya, im in the UK and the dr. that i have used is Dr. Lowe, he is a top Dr, i was very happy with my treatment and he will give you good advice. he is well known here. My other dr. is Dr. Hudson-Peacock, he is also very very good,

dr. lowe is in London and in USA.....


Dr. Hudson Peacock is in Kent, he and his wife have a skin clinic.....make sure you look into isolagen on his web site. Dr. Lowe also does Isolagen Injection...... i had isolagen and its the best thing iv done so far to try rid myself of acne scars


good luck with your search.

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Dear Seanna,

It is a great plesure for me to get your advice! Thank you very much. I'll try to contact your doctors on monday and send my photos to them.

Best regards,


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