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Hi guys, I received this word document with advice regarding taking Threelac but it also contained some general advice and diet tips.

I'll paste it in here incase any of you find it of use, if any of you would also like the Threelac notes, let me know.


If you are on an “intolerance� diet, then stick to it – otherwise no special diet is required. Avoid Sugar, Alcohol, Mushrooms, blue cheeses and Marmite (yeast derived) type foods. Avoid all fruit (apples after 4 weeks are ok). You may reintroduce these and other foods when you feel you have cracked the Infection.

If you feel discouraged during the course of Threelac, please e mail me with all your details. I will assess the situation and offer my experience. Please do not be discouraged!

Candida is a resilient organism and may take many months to get under control.

But you would expect to see improvements within 60 days (or you get your money back ).

One last IMPORTANT tip – Keep a diary of your dose and progress.

Start with full details of your symptoms scored 1-10 . You may like to use a Questionnaire on the website http://www.candidafree.co.uk/questionnaire...stionnaire.html

Then each day write down your dose, which products you have taken that day, and any improvements OR deterioration of symptoms – however small or insignificant they may seem to you at the time – Keep it brief, but be thorough . IT WILL BE VERY VALUABLE WHEN YOU START TO COME DOWN THE DOSE SCALE.

When you do come down the dose scale do so one at a time – and allow at least 3- 4 weeks between each step down. If any symptoms come back – move back up the scale by one dose and hold that dose for another 4 weeks before trying to move back down .

As an insurance policy, we keep to One packet a day – to prevent any re-growth of harmful bacteria or fungus in the Intestinal tract. Be vigilant to re-growth and hit it hard if it feels like it is coming back.

It is a long process – to get 70% improvement is fairly quick , but the last 30% can take time – Consider that you have to kill the Candida, excrete the waste THEN repair the Damage – Eg perforated gut wall , damage to muscles, joints, and the rebalancing of Acidity and other metabolic activity.

Continued overleaf

Roundup of advice

Start your dose gradually and only increase gradually, to allow your body to get rid of the dead cells and the Candida.

It is strongly recommended to

1) Drink plenty of water

Eat a fibrous foodstuff ( wholefoods, muesli type cereals, or some other bran/ husk type product and

Be prepared to use a laxative – mild or if necessary more powerful. This will ensure that the Candida cells being killed off do not just lie in the gut , degrading and creating other ‘toxins' which the body finds hard to deal with .

Take supplements of Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vit B12 – at least to the minimum daily requirement.

Keep a regular daily diary, so I can help if you need it.

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Ive read threelac is bullshit and doesnt work (on askshelleys)

I read once that hitler was a hero and another time I read that he was an evil man, the point is that different people have different opinions, different experiences, what works for one does not work for another, I'm sure shelly's great, but she's not the be all and end all. It works great for me, and others who have tried it.

this candida stuff is starting to get embarrasing now

Huh? That makes no sense whichever way I try to perceive it. If you're meaning because people post so much info about it, then why not? People still ask questions and therefore people are still in need of reasurrannce and assistance, if you mean anything else, then I simply don't understand.

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