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My doc says that adding all the peels ect damage your skin by damagin the structure of nutrients essential for good skin, therefor your skin wont heal by its self, glycolic peel being the worst.

I have red mark, but i know there slighly worse now because its winter in the UK, but by summer they will get better. Id be the first to admit, im 16 now, and i suffered slight depression/anxiety for worrying about my face. My doc says "stress can cause acne" so by worring every single moment of the day, your making it worse.

Now my acne is going away, by using Duac gel and dan's regimen, i dont tend to worry no more. One day i sat down and said to myself "whats all the fuss, people like me, they dont say anything bout my face, its natural, so why worry?"

What im trying to see is 99% of people want to looks good, so most people worry about their own looks rather than yours. So 99% of people dont care about your scaring.

I understand there are some cases where its really bad, like where cystic acne was, then help is needed by see a derm before trying all these "over the counter/off the shelf" treatments.

Obviously you get the odd idiot that says "spot the difference" or "do you listen to ska(scar) music" but no1 likes them lol

Im a guy and i want to look the best i can, but most (i aint being sexist here) girls wear makeup to hide imperfections, spots/pimples ect so upon looking at them, they seem to have good skin. But really they have the odd spot ect

Upon speaking to a close female friend, she says she worries when she gets spots while on her period, so most girls understand anyway about guys and hormone trouble, so there really isnt anything to worry about, just wait till summer.

Thanx if u read this, just advice iv come to realise :)

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