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Pharmasist told me Eucerin is availiable on prescription

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Hi i live in the UK and was discussing with pharmasist about Urea moisturisers and he told me...

"its really bad that Eucerin costs as much as it does, espescially for students like yourself"

So i was like "yeah tell me about it" then he said that its availiable on prescription. i was like "woah" he told me to go to my doc and ask him for it.

He also told me that this is the reason for Eucerin being slightly discontinued for general sale, as its being bought for the NHS and other health services. He said the USA are doing the same, not in the same way but being availiable at lower prices on your health cover or something, he said all pharmasists have the whole range in storage but they arnt suppose to recommend it on prescription, and only sell the stuff thats allowed "on the shelf"

the main reason for this is so people with limited money like students/single parents/people with finacial problems can have the best treatment and not be hard done by, by having to get less effective products.

Have to admit £10 for 50ml :confused: its expensive

Hope that helps every1 as i know Eucerin is the best out there, iv only had the luxury to obtain samples from Eucerin website, but too skint to get to the full product.

/.hope it helps

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Guest charyan

wow thats brilliant, as i certainly am finding it hard to keep buying Eucerin (Fucking Rip off Britain) when i have no feckin job,i'll have to go see my GP.

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