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hmmmm, i was just thinking.....is there a summary anywhere of all the ppl who went on the CSR?? i mean like there could be a table who shows everyone who went on the regimen, the severity of their acne b4 the regimen, whether or not it was successful for them, if not successful, how long did they continue the regimen b4 quiting, how long for them to clear and so on. I think this will be quite useful for ppl. Especially for those considering to give the CSR a go. At least i want to kno like the success rate of the ppl who tried it here. I mean, i kno that BP just doesnt work for everyone, but i would like to know how long it takes to realise that CSR just isnt for you. i mean it would suck to stick with the regimen for like a few months, only to find that it doesnt work for you.

i dunno, maybe im just going crazy. ARGHHHH lol

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I'd also like to know how much the beginning stages sucked. I've run into two major obstacles so far (tons of pain from a crappy moisturizer, and now, really bad redness).

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Yeh. ive had similar probs the first time i tried the regimen. partly the reason i quit the first time round. but if we see like a summary of ppl who had similar experiences, and compared those who quit against those who carried on and with what results. then maybe it will encourage ppl to stick with it and kno that it will work.

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