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Colonel Angus

Please Read: What if everyone was on Preview

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With all the acting up that has been going on lately I was wondering how much everyone appreciated that this forum isn't on 100% moderator preview. I was on another board and to post anything you had to submit it. It wouldn't be publicly posted until a forum moderator got around to look at it and approve it which could be a day to a week. Could you imagine being desperate to seek help for your scars and waiting such a long time to get replies? That would suck huh? Well with all the bickering and silly crap that has been going on in here lately I can see why some forums go to that format.

There's definitely no black and white being a moderator and there are no clear cut good guys and bad guys but for those who continuously cross the line I will start warning. Those who recieve a PM warning and continue to cross the line will be put on preview for a certain period. Then your posts will not be seen unless a moderator clears them. We have had a number of moderators that resigned cause they got sick of the bickering so please.

This is a scar forum and frustrations can cause tempers to flare easy but this is also a place to come for help so please remember to be considerate as many people can help as much as harm.

By the way if someone is bothering you you can click on their user name, then profile options, and then ignore user.

If someone posts something you find personal or offensive report it.

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I definately understand what your saying, but to be honest this board is nothing compared to other messageboards I post at and the little bickering and weird comments are not going to end.. lol Sometimes it makes the board fun. Eh people take it to serisouly.. It's a messageboard.

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Well maybe if two or more members had a dispute they could take it 'outside' to the Dump or to one of the more offensive boards you are talking about mag. I just don't think this is the place for it.

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Totally agree 1000%. To be honest, it used to bug me that more flamers weren't more severely reprimended. People think that they can post anything they want then claim "freedom of speech" like Dan isn't paying for the server.

Gimmee a break.

Treat this place like you are a guest in someone's home and take a course in manners if you have to.


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