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BP + Provon

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OK. So after the big deal with the Provon thread, I thought, why not, I'll give it a go. I have pretty light acne, and BP does pretty well on it, so I figure I'll try a little extra kick and see if that helps. I've been doing lots of BP for a week-ish now, and I'm already seeing results, so that's good. There's still some stubborn parts, though, so let's see what Provon can do.

Just a warning - I have pretty tough skin. I've regularly used BP 10% (whole fingers of it) for a while now. I don't really get red or chapped. So be wary in experimenting with this, do what works for you.

In the morning:

Shave & Wash with Purpose Bar (I'm currently using a disposable razor, but I gotta stop -- it's too hard to do it without real shaving cream)

Wash with Provon, leaving on skin for a minute

Enough BP 2.5% to bleach charcoal (Neutrogena onna spot for now)

Eucerin moisturizer


Remind myself that every time I touch my face, God kills a kitten.


Wash with Provon

So much BP 10% that I turn transluscent

Dream of totally clear skin

There it is, and this is morning one. I stuck to JUST my forehead with the Provon now, I want to make sure I am not going to have some terrible reaction to it. That was an hour ago and I haven't died yet, so that's good! Will post again tonight.

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You might want to consider ditching the purpose bar. Provon is enough of a cleanser and you can also use it as a shave lotion. I used it for a while before I switched to Aloeguard (which I liked better than provon) and used that as a shave lotion as well.

Also, Peter Thomas Roth makes an excellent (though expensive) BP gel that goes on completely clear with no residue for daytime use. Highly recommend.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the tip! I will try that. I picked up a Sensor Excel today, so I'm hoping it will be enough of a cream for it to work.

No worries too much about BP gel, I usually can't even tell after I put it on in the morning, especially the 2.5% stuff.

Anyway, my face didn't fall off all day long, so I guess we're a go.

Day One!

The only thing that sucks about the 10% BP is that I'm afraid my eyebrows are going to turn blonde. I've started wiping them off with water after I apply, but now I have two little pimples above each eyebrow. Not really a big deal for either, just kind of sucks to have to try real hard to avoid the eyebrows. Guess I could always dye them.

The Provon is interesting. I kind of miss my SA soap, but my face feels clean and I haven't broken out yet, so we'll see how this goes. My weirdest problem area lately has been right on my left and right temple, so we'll see if it can lick that. Either way, it smells weird...almost nutty :)

I've also started putting back a Nalgene or two extra of water each day, just for giggles. It makes my face feel oilier, which is weird, but whatever, no breakouts, no problem. I've been doing that for a week or so now. Also, just leaning on my hands or arms or scratching my face has got to go, but damn if it isn't hard.

We'll see how I look tomorrow after another day of the Chloroxyneoasldamanol or whatever is in this stuff.

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Day two!

Completely off the Purpose bar now. It's Provon for me, for here on out. I've liked the Provon, so far.

No real big changes...although the spots on my temples seem like they're finally starting to clear up. It's been like MONTHS that I've been breaking out there. Totally annoying. Bought more BP 10 and 2.5 today...might not get a chance to use it tonight since I'm going out clubbing and probably passing out at a buddy's house, but such is life.

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Sorry for the lag.

Day four.

Tentatively optimistic with results so far. I had a couple new pimples on those damned temples, but I still think they're starting to look clearer, and one new one on my chin, but it was real small. The rest of the face looks good...forehead is clearing up nicely.

Small issues today with flaky skin...but I just Eucerin'd it real good and there we go.

I'm kind of curious whether it's the Provon, sticking closely to all the BP, or a mixture of both that is helping me. Honestly, I don't care, I'm willing to do the whole damned barrage if it clears me up :)

I am really starting to love the smell of the Provon. How weird is that? It's so nutty! ;)

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Day 8:

Results, but not as much as I'd want. However, if I keep clearing at this rate, I will eventually be clear, so rock on with that. We'll see how this week goes.

Still doing the bp 10% at night, but I've went off the Neutrogina (I honestly think I'm allergic to something in it, it drives my skin way more nuts than the 10% does) and I'm washing with Provon three times a day now. I like the way it makes my skin feel.

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Day 9:

OK, starting to see some serious results. I can't see any active pimples -- maybe a few little ones. I've been putting a little Neosporin-esque cream on the red marks, that seems to be helping.

I think the main differences that I've used in this regimen that have really helped are:

1) Provon. Yeah, I'm on board with this stuff.

2) Trying super freaking hard not to touch my face all day.

3) Lots of water.

4) No shaving cream (this has been hard...I miss it!!)

But yeah, starting to look pretty good, woohoo!

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Day 12:

Very exciting. I actually get out of bed in the morning and run to the mirror to see the state of things.

Almost no new active pimples (one on my lip, a little guy, the first one in days!), and I think I'm starting to believe KeithUrbanLover's claim that the soap helps with redmarks, since those are starting to fade for the first time in years.

I almost don't want to say it, because it might jinx it, but what the hell - another week or so at this rate and I'll be clear :o

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Well, this might seem like kind of a let-down after that last post, but I went off the Provon. It's not that it works bad -- I think it's definitely effective, but that there are things that could be more effective.

Right now I'm on SA wash twice a day and 10% BP, like in the old days, and things are going much better.

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