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I went to a dermatologist around here who has a rep for being into more cosmetic dermatology (opposed to like, skin cancer and things). I talked to the nurse practitioner, and I inquired about laser treatments for my minor scars, freckles/discoloration, and mild-moderate redness on my face. I am reading that IPL treatments are typically more expensive, but if I remember correctly, she quoted $200 for each treatment, and she suggested 2 treatments. I am going back next week, and I would like to give IPL a try, but does she know what she is talking about? Is it the rule of, the pricier the better quality, or does that not apply to dermatology? Could I expect any sort of positive results from 2 $200 treatments?

Also, can they "spot-test" you, since some people react badly to the treatments, or don't improve?

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I've had 5 IPL treatments at $400 a pop. They will not help with scarring, at least that's what my derm said. They are supposed to help redmarks, acne, age spots, wrinkles, freckles, etc. My derm said you have to have at least 3 to see any improvement and that the other 2 were completely up to the patient. I had the 3 and had some results so I decided to go back for the other 2. I'm glad I did because I had even better results with the last 2. She told me to wait 3 months after my 5th treatment to decide if I'd like to have any more and that if I do they will be $300 a time from now on. My derm said also that once you stop seeing results from the treatments you will no longer have any. So if you have a couple and notice your skin stops responding then there is no point of having any more done. Good luck if you decide to try it. In regards to your other question, I have never heard of spot treating, but I have very sensitive skin and was fine with it. Hell my face gets redder from the Olay Microderm system then it did from that!

~*~*Farther Away*~*~

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Do you get black marks for a week or so after you've had the treatment? I've read that somewhere...

No! Nothing bad at all happened to me at least. The very little redness I did get was gone by the same day I had it done. No black marks :)

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