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Freederm?? what do you think to it..?

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I have suffered from acne for about 3 years now, and I'm now 15. My acne has recently started to get worse, and I am feeling really annoyed. I have been trying the new topical gel - Freederm which is available from most pharmacies for £9. It does say you should use it twice a day, but I only use it at night because it shows up on my face, and I cant bear having it showing on my face whilst at school. Has anyone else tried freederm gel? if so any results or feedback? and I would really really really appreciate any tips about using freederm to be more successful or even some general spot clearing tips..? if possible..please.. :rolleyes:


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Hi John,

I tried freederm and didn't really rate it. I can't say it did anything at all. I used it twice a day and finished the tube I chose not to buy another.

Have you been to your GP to see what they can do for you?

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yeahit wokrd at fist for like a few days then just broke out again even worst than before !!

think someon mentioned thats its really good at calming down the redness but thats about it ,

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Guest charyan

i used free derm with good results for a couple of months but then i had the worst break out in years, as soon as i started using BP i haven't had a breakout since, so i dont know what to make of Freederm, sorry mate

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I tried using it for a coupld of weeks. FAR too over-priced I recon for such small quantity.

Didnt really do a lot - I am sticking to using Quinoderm. The only problem with Quinoderm tho it discolours clothing if u get it on anything !

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