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Post-tane Hair Loss

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I remember your advice...

Like I stated in my other thread, I can't see a doctor for the time being. I am in another state for a family problem for a few months and I haven't been able to see any doctors because all of mines are in the state of NY and most docs here don't accept my insurance.

Doing more research, I am believing that my problem lies elsewhere, not in PCOS or any other female conditions. What I need is a cleansing because I may have high levels of Vit A or a deficiency in other elements to process Vit A. I am going to do a fasting for my problem and change my diet for the time being to help in detoxification. To prove this, once I get back to NY, I am going to see a specialist and have a urine and hair analysis for this situation.

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Sorry, i didn't read the other thread, i stay out of that forum. You really should consider seeing an endocrinologist when you get back to town instead of just deciding on your own that's not what's wrong. May i ask why you think it couldn't be that? You have previously mentioned several symptoms that are consistent with PCOS and seem strangely resistant to the idea. Even if it's not PCOS it could be another type of hormonal problem. It seems to me that it's very unlikely that you'd be experiencing Vitamin A toxicity six years after your course, unless you'd been dosing Vitamin A since then. Accutane has a pretty short half life in the system.

At any rate, good luck. I hope you find a solution.

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