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choosing aromaleigh products...FRUSTRATING!

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Okay, I have been at the aromaleigh site for about one full hour....and IT'S MAKING ME DIZZY! Shopping for make-up has never been so complicated!!! ARGGHH!

I ordered a bazillion samples and I think I probably, maybe, possibly FINALLY know which is my shade (after endless, frustrating hours of experimenting with tons of combinations). So now that I may know my shade, I'm not sure which is better: the Pure Powder Loose Mineral Face Powder ~or~ the Pure Cover|Loose Powder Concealer and Foundation Powder. Can we say....WTF? lol Wow, they surely make it difficult! I have been an avid make-up wearer for FIFTEEN years, I have never had this much trouble.

I know one is for medium to light coverage, while the other is for concealing and heavy coverage. I was under the impression that I needed the heavier one (I have red scars that desperately need major concealing). But when I applied the heavier foundation, it looked totally caked on (perhaps this is because of the BP and moisturizer, since I'm on Dan's regimen?) So, should I try the lighter coverage one? It seems to me that the finishing result really all depends on the type of moisturizer you use. Heck, even the actual color looks different depending on whether you applied moisturizer first or not! *grrrrr!* And the finishing result also depends on whether you apply it with a flocked sponge, brush, chisel, spoon....lol *bangs head against wall* It's making me nuts!

Has anyone else experienced this much trouble??

Any aromaleigh experts in the house??

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yeah. their information is very useful. I found that 100% PC gets too oily too fast on my skin, and find a 50/50 mix the best. 25/75 doesn't give me enough coverage and 75/25 gets oily still. I tried the milk of magnesia and clean and clear's mattifier, and unfortunately my skin doesn't have enough "stick" afterward to get enough coverage with the powder. I've recently started using Neutrogena's pore-refining mattifier, and I get perfect coverage over it, and it minimizes the appearance of pores. Mineral makeup can sometimes, unfortunately, enhance the appearance of large pores if too much is applied, and the mattifier solves that.

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oh, have you tried using their porcelaine mattifying primer powder?  I'm considering purchasing this, anyone have any experience with it?


I just recently bought some samples too, including the porcelaine primer. I really like it so far, it does seem to help keep the oil down and smooth over my pores. I bought Light-Medium and Medium samples, but they are so sheer that either one works fine. :)

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