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Skin Tightening

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Has anyone heard of such procedure?? I just checked my mail and found this brochure about new treatments in plastic surgery. What do you think about it?

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you know i've been thinking about this every since i saw it on telvision awhile back ...i have a lot of rolling scars from cystic acne when i was younger and i can kinda pull against the skin below my jaw and it help my appearance alot ....makes u look alot younger aswell ...its really cheap also from what i can remember and only takes a few ours to do ....maybe someone will try it out

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I have no clue what u guys are talking about but I saw where there is a new thread face lift technique. Its non surgical and involves putting thread into your skin pulling the skin tight I guess. The thread is left in so future tightenings can be preformed. My sister in law mentioned it and i saw it on a local docs website.

Is the thread thing what u guys are talking about?

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Sorry, I thougth I uploaded a copy of the brochure.

Here we go, I'm holding the brochure for you to see. And this is its content with the name of the procedure:

"The use of Radiofrequency energy in the

form of the procedure has been recently

added to the armamentarium in the war on

the aging face. Although radiofrequency

energy has been used in surgery for over 70

years, it wasn't until 2003 that the FDA

approved the [email protected] device to tighten,

lift, and smooth out wrinkles. The treat-

ment allows selective delivery of heat energy

to the deep dermis, while protecting the

epidermis. The radio frequency applied heat

causes microscopic changes and collagen contraction, with subse-

quent collagen remodeling over the course of months. Virtually

any patient with loose or lax skin can have the procedure per-

formed, but the best candidates are those with mild laxity or

looseness of the skin.

A new device pending FDA approval is Palomar's LUX lR Frac-

tional System. This device sends infrared light pulses deep into

the collagen layer leading to collagen remod-

eling. The remodeled collagen can fill-in the

skin to smooth out fine wrinkles and minor

sagging. Patients typically require more than

one treatment with ThermacoolTM or IR

Fractional System to obtain the desired ef-

fect. Improvement typically requires several

months to become apparent.



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Its the new version of thermage if I am not correct. This does nothing for acne scarring long term. May hide minor scars with the tightening of the skin which is very temporary, but retin a will do the same thing with no chance of fat loss in the face.

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Thermage or “thermacool� has been known to cause fat loss in the pads of the face.

I think the Titan laser is the new thing about. Having said that both have the potential to tighten your facial skin.

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